Nintendo Switch Lite to Arrive for $200, and Here's How It Plays

When reports emerged of a lower-cost Nintendo Switch that wouldn't have detachable Joy-Con controllers and couldn't plug into a TV, my son had one question. What's the point of a Switch that doesn't Switch?

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Good question. But that's exactly what Nintendo is releasing on Sept. 20. The Nintendo Switch Lite is handheld-only and costs $200. (UK and Australian pricing is yet to be announced, but that converts to £160 or AU$290.)...Read more here

The Best Nintendo Switch Bundles

If you still have not purchased a Nintendo Switch, bundles are a great way to get everything you need together for one cheap price. Here is a list of the best Nintendo Switch bundles.

Nintendo Switch AmazonBasics Bundle with Grip Kit, Stand, and Case - $340.61

  • Carrying case for Nintendo Switch gaming console and accessories; Black color
  • Game-cartridge slots store up to 10 games for easy organizing and access
  • Playstand holds Nintendo Switch upright; offers adjustable angle for comfortable viewing
  • Allows for charging Switch while placed in the stand (charging cable not included)
  • Game storage case for Nintendo Switch games; stylish design in Black color
  • Easily store and organize up to 24 Nintendo Switch game cards; includes memory card holder
  • Red kit includes 2 controller grips and 2 thumb stick grips for Joy-Con controllers
  • Ergonomic design provides maximum comfort—great for long gaming sessions
  • Nintendo Switch console, Nintendo Switch dock, Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R), and Two Joy-Con strap accessories
  • One Joy-Con grip, HDMI cable, and Nintendo Switch AC adapter
Nintendo Switch Console Bundle- Pikachu & Eevee Edition with Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! + Poke Ball Plus - $449

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  • Take your Pokemon journey to the Kanto region with this special hardware bundle!
  • It packs in the Nintendo Switch system, a Pikachu and Eevee themed dock and matching Joy-Con controllers, the Poke Ball Plus accessory, and a download code the Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! game.
  • With your energetic partner, Pikachu, become a top Pokemon Trainer by battling other trainers!
  • Using as a Pokemon GO Plus requires installation of the Pokemon GO application on a compatible smartphone. See pokeballplus.nintendo.com for details.
  • Internet access and Nintendo Account required. Visit support.nintendo.com for details.
Nintendo Switch System Console , Neon Blue & Neon Red with Mario Tennis Aces & 1-2-Switch - $359.96

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  • This bundle includes the Nintendo Switch console, dock, Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R), Two Joy-Con straps, One Joy-Con grip, HDMI cable, AC adapter, and a download code for Mario Tennis Aces and 1-2-Switch.
  • In addition to providing single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system also enables gamers to play the same title wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose. The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system to enable unprecedented new video game play styles.
  • Ratings applicable to game software only; ESRB Rating: Everyone with Comic Mischief.
  • Hit the road with the definitive version of r Mario Tennis Aces and 1-2-Switch and play anytime, anywhere! Race your friends or battle them in a revised battle mode on new and returning battle courses.

Nintendo Switch Neon, Switch Pro Controller, Super Smash Bros, Legend of Zelda Game Bundle -$495.95

Nintendo Switch deals - Super Smash and Breath of the Wild bundle
  • Nintendo Switch Console System, 32GB
  • Switch Compatible Wireless Pro Controller
  • Super Smash Bros & Zelda Video Games
  • Console and controller are US models, Games are Import Region Free
Nintendo Switch – Neon Red and Neon Blue Joy-Con with 64GB MicroSDXC UHS-I Card - $314.84

  • Nintendo Switch console, Nintendo Switch dock, Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R), and Two Joy-Con strap accessories
  • One Joy-Con grip, HDMI cable, and Nintendo Switch AC adapter
  • Nintendo-licensed Memory card for the Nintendo Switch system
  • Instantly add up to 64GB* of additional space
Nintendo Switch Console with Bonus Portable Battery Charger 10000mAh -$299.99

  • Your choice of Nintendo Switch Gaming Console
  • Nintendo Switch Portable Power Bank Battery Charger Docking Station 10000mAh

Vote for Your Favorite Zelda Game

The Legend of Zelda was released on August 27, 1987, for the Nintendo NES. It sold over 6 million copies worldwide. Nintendo has produced countless amazing Zelda games ever since.

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Which Zelda game is your favorite? Comment why you think it is the best!

What is your favorite

The Legend of Zelda
Ocarina of Time
Minish Cap
Breath of the Wild
Majoras Mask
Link to the Past
Wind Waker

Top 6 Worst Nintendo Wii Games

The Nintendo Wii had a plethora of terrible games. Every movie, tv show, and cartoon had a themed game on the Wii. Companies would release terrible games hoping they would sell off of the licensed characters alone. Here is a list of the worst Nintendo Wii games.

Anubis 2

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Anubis 2 came out for Wii back in 2007. It also came out on PS2… in 2005. Yeah, they ported a 2-year old game and tacked on some Wii controls. But the game itself was already unbearable! Bug-ridden and repetitive, many a gamer could, at almost every level, fall through the bottom of the map and get stuck, having to restart the level and repeat the same humdrum tasks of badly designed enemies to annoying, upbeat music. There are only two attacks in the game, and thanks to bad programming, most of the shots you manage to hit while struggling with the controls don’t even register anyway. Anubis, you rascal! You must have gotten the Gods angry! For extra points, the game was packaged without a plot. The only hint is the one paragraph in the manual, which tells you you’re good, one guy is evil and you’re stopping him. To be fair, that’s pretty much what Mario is. This is just, you know, the opposite.

Wii Play

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What Moron put Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Kirby's Epic Yarn and New Super Mario Bros. Wii those were great Wii games, as for Wii play this game is incredibly boring and repetitive most people bought Wii Play only for the Extra Controller which was genius on the part of the creators take a crappy game that nobody wants and sell it along with an extra controller.

Action Girlz Racing

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The controls are awful! The art is distasteful! The track designs are messed up! The graphics are broken! There are way too many bug's! And the sexism levels are off the charts! Do not under any circumstances play this game!

Game Party

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Let me just quote Eurogamer’s review here: ““The Game Party experience is like going to a party where there’s nothing to drink but Tesco Value brandy and there are only four other guests and they’re all racist and then your ex turns up and gets off with a Danish supermodel.” Aside from bringing back some traumatic memories, Eurogamer is giving you a fair warning: while this game beats most on the list by simply having multiplayer, if you ask anyone to play it with you I’m pretty sure it’s legal for them to murder you. The controls are retched and leave most doing random movements, and even that has little success. The games themselves range from things like darts and table hockey, and they almost pulled of recreating them – they just forgot to include the part that’s fun! You’ll be happy to know since the game is so bad, it couldn’t live with just one sequel. Yeah, Game Party 3 is out.

Showtime Championship Boxing

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I love boxing. I love watching it, playing simulations of the art, and even playing arcade action titles based on the glorious sport. Showtime Championship Boxing had a lot going for it in terms of a boxing game. Showtime as a network, next to HBO (RIP HBO boxing), is a heavyweight in terms of boxing platforms.

So, them putting out a game based on boxing makes sense. They understand the art really well. Too bad the studio behind it had no idea what boxing is all about. This motion-controlled game tried to use the Wii's motion controls. The key word in that sentence is tried.

Balls of Fury

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A game based on a movie never bodes well, but a game based on a movie nobody watched or remembered means very little time or effort was probably expended on this garbage. Balls of Fury is the only game that I remember launching straight into bargain bins. And I've never seen the game on sale for over $1 myself.  Look, ping pong on the Wii makes perfect sense. The ability to take advantage of the motion controls seems like a no-brainer. The tennis game in Wii Sports was loads of fun and the table tennis mini-game in Wii Play was pretty okay. Needless to say, you should stick to those titles if you want an actual game.

What Are The Best Pokemon TCG Sets According to Fans?

Pokemon Unified Minds TCG set is set to release August 2, 2019. This card set is said to have some of the best cards in all of Pokemon TCG. Some of the older packs also have great artwork. Here are some fan favorites.

XY Furious Fists

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"I love Furious Fists. It was when I first got back into the TCG. Plus, my favorite Pokemon, Hawlucha, got an EX and a playable holo! Not to mention I love the battle-themed art!" -SuperTrainerSamYT

Ex Delta Species

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"It would either go between EX Delta Species because I loved Holon and everything surrounding it and it made probably one of my favorite decks ever (Dragonite DS and Metagross DS) , and because it had Groudon and Kyogre star (and if you couldn't tell by my profile pic they're two of my six favorite pokemon). Or I would go with EX Dragon Frontiers because of Latios/Latias ex and Rayquaza ex which are three of the others along with Metagross which really had some great cards especially in EX Delta Species," - SuperDan51


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"For me it has to be good old fossil. The days when you were an absolute boss just because you luckily pulled a holo Aerodactyl. Also the Fossil Slowpoke has to be one of the best artworks ever created. (I even went as far as to buy a 600 euro booster box from this set for nostalgia sake)" - TheRealBro

Platinum Rising Rivals
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"I love all the diamond and pearl sets although if I had to choose one set that was my favorite I'd pick rising rivals because it had jirachi, flygon, luxray GL and so much more" - BraviaryBoi

Neo Genesis 

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My favorite set is Neo Genesis. I love generation 2. It is my favorite gen of all times. I have almost every card of it in 1st edition The GS games were awesome. It features my favorite Pokemon Ampharos. - Chrswrites

EX Team Rocket Returns

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EX: Team Rocket Returns because of timing (I was quite active at League back then, but also somewhat experienced), because I'm still fond of Team Rocket, and because I enjoyed the dual Type cards (even if not used to represent actual Dual Types). - Otaku

What is your favorite set from Pokemon TCG?

Nintendo President Hints Switch Online Could Move Beyond NES Classics

Nintendo might answer our retro gaming prayers by bringing games from SNES, Nintendo 64 and GameCube to its $20-a-year Switch Online subscription service. Company president Shuntaro Furukawa apparently told shareholders at its 79th annual general meeting on Thursday that it's looking into it.

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"At this place, we cannot tell new information about future classic hardware among others, but we are thinking about providing an extension of the online service which is currently providing Famicom [NES] software, as well as other methods of providing them," he said, according to a translation by Japanese Nintendo.

"We also recognize that there are opinions wanting to play past titles... Read more here.

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled Nintendo Switch Review

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled was released for the Nintendo Switch on June 21, 2019. The game has gotten many positive reviews. It is considered one of the best games in the Crash Bandicoot franchise.

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Check out this review below: