Cheats for Wii Sports

The Wii Sports video game was developed and produced by Nintendo for the Wii video game console and was included as a with the Wii console for its launch in all territories except Japan. This video game is part of an ongoing series of games commonly referred to as the Wii Series.

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Wii Sports is a collection of five sports simulations. Players use the Wii Remote to mimic actions performed in real life sports, such as swinging a baseball bat, for example. The sports included are baseball,tennis, golf, bowling and boxing.

Here are some of the Wii Sports cheat codes:

Wii Sports Unlockable: Special Bowling Ball

You must achieve pro level on the bowling game.

Wii Sports Unlockable: Tennis court:

At the warning screen after selecting characters, hold down 2.

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Wii Sports Hint – Barrier Strike

For the ‘Power Throws’ training game in bowling, turn either left or right until there are four red bars pointing in the direction of your choice across the bowling line. This may not always work, especially with the big numbers of pins but this will almost always give you a strike. Feel free to experiment with different numbers of red bars across the bowling line since three and four almost always work for me.

Wii Sports Hint – 91 Strike

In the “Power Throws” training game for bowling, you might notice 2 red buttons at the end of the alley – 1 left and 1 right. When you get to the final bowl for 91 pins, you can bowl the ball along the top of the barrier on either side and hit this button.

Move your Mii all the way to the left or right, and turn the aim 2 or 3 clicks towards the barrier. Let go of the ball at the highest point possible, with just a bit of spin to keep the ball on the barrier.

If successful, you will hear a click, the screen will shake and all the pins will fall down.

Wii Sports Mii Parade

You can add more Miis in Parade and audiences. Use Wii Sports to do it:

1. Make about 10 Mii’s.

2. Transfer those Mii’s to your Wiimote.

3. Delete the Mii’s that are transfered to the Wiimote out of the plaza.

4. Start up Wii Sports.

5 When given the option of which Mii to use during gameplay choose the option to get the Mii from the Wii Remote.

6. After viewing the Mii’s on the Wiimote back out by using the B button.

7. Exit out of Wii Sports and back onto the Wii Menu. 

Now check the Mii parade and all 10 of the Miis that were on the Wiimote are in the parade. Now if you dont want the Miis on the Wiimote just delete them off. These Miis will now show up in all Wii Sports games that have an audience. 

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Wii Sports Bowling Ball Color Change

You can select your bowling ball color before you bowl by using the directional pad. When you reach the screen warning, ‘Make sure nothing is around you’, hit the A button and hold the D-pad (until the alley UI appears) to choose your color:

UP = blue

LEFT = red

Super Mario Speedrun under 1 Hour

Youtuber NicroVida created the first world record for a Super Mario Odyssey speedrun on the Nintendo Switch

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Check out the speed fun below:

Top 5 Toughest Super Mario 64 Levels

5. Blast to the Lonely Mushroom - Tall Tall Mountain
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"The normal way to get the star is to use the cannon after talking to the pink bob-omb and make your way to the cannon which is located in the worst spot ever you could accidentally fall off getting there and once you make it there aim at the star located on the lone mushroom if you miss which may happen you die, a much easier way to do this is to jump on the flying shy guy near the rotating log near the monkey once you do you'll spin in the air and you carefully fly to the mushroom instead though it can be tricky." - egnomac

4. Red Coin Star - Bowser in the Sky
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"Who the heck is going to look under some stairs for a coin? " - Nathaniel Bandy - darthvadern

3. Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow - Rainbow Ride
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"Getting to the ship can be very tricky and its easy to fall to your death." - egnomac

2. Stomp on the Whomp - Tick Tock Clock
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"Making it to the top of the clock is a chore as if you fall down you could wither die or land all the way to the bottom and have to make your way all the way back up." - egnomac

1. Wing Mario Over the Rainbow - Secret Star
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"The big challenge here is if you fall you don't die and lose a life instead you land in the pool of water outside the castle while at least you don't die but that also means you have to make your way all the way back to the 3rd floor to try again its especially frustrating if you managed to get all 8 red coins only to accidentally fall and have to do it all over again." - egnomac

Nintendo Shares Surge Following Report of New Console Models

Shares of video game maker Nintendo surged on Tuesday following a report that the company would be releasing new versions of its blockbuster Switch console as soon as this year.

GP: Nintendo 190131

Nintendo’s stock started to skyrocket in the morning to as high as 5 percent, before retracing some of those gains in the afternoon. The stock closed 4.76 percent higher.

The news came after the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that Nintendo is set to release two new versions of its bestselling console, launched in 2017, “as early as this summer.”... Read more here

A Brief History of Nintnedo

Nintendo is a Japanese multinational video game and electronics company. It has its headquarters located in Kyoto, Japan, Nintendo is one of the world’s biggest video game companies by its market share and capitalization. Noticeably, its top-selling and worldwide known video game franchises are part of the top video games on the market. Some of these are Pok√©mon, The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario.

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Fusajiro Yamauchi founded the video gaming company on September 23, 1889. The company initially made crafted Hanafuda playing cards. After venturing into different ventures, the company focused solely on toy creation in the 1960s. In the 1970s, it developed into a video gaming company. This led to it becoming one of the most influential gaming ventures with a market capitalization value of over $85 billion as of 2007.

Brief History

After starting has a playing game card company by Fusajiro Yamauchi, the Hanafuda card was a success that it went into mass production to meet demands. In 1949, the company opted the name Nintendo playing card for the supply of the people outside of Japan. They later had to sell them due to pressure from labor union and the expense of running the business.

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In 1973, Nintendo focus shifted to family venues using the Nintendo series of produced toys. Following a few success during this time, Nintendo developed other light gun machines. This led Nintendo to find and focus on its newfound market; family entertainment.

In 1977, Nintendo ventured into gaming console after securing rights to distribution of the Magnavox Odyssey video game console. This led to the production of its own developed hardware with colored TV-Game. In 1975, Nintendo moved into the video arcade game industry with the development of its signature EVR Race. Following this arcade game creation, many others followed.

The release of Donkey Kong in 1981 drastically changed the fortunes of Nintendo. This was accompanied by the licensing of the video gaming company. This also introduced the first simulation of the signature game, Super Mario. This was known in Japan as the Jumpman.

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In 1979, Gunpei Yokoi brought forth his idea about a handheld video game. He came about the idea by observing a bullet train commuter idly interact with a portable LCD calculator. This was the birthing of Game and Watch. This experience led to the birthing of the Game & watch in 1980. The Game & Watch was Nintendo's very first worldwide successful video gaming console. This earned a Technology & Engineering Emmy Award.

In 1983, Nintendo launched the family computer video game console in Japan. The practice of building the system with the selected games helped the Super Mario Bros. to become one of the best selling video gaming consoles in history. This paved the way to the game boy handheld system. This came in light to merge both the Gameboy and the Game & watch idea together.

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Between 1989 and 1995, Nintendo ventured on a number of successful projects. Some of which includes the super Famicom, Mario franchise and the Virtual Boy. Following partnership agreements in light of the gaming battle between Nintendo and Sega, this saw the development and addition of several upgrades to the Nintendo software and hardware.

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Between 1996 and 2000, the company developed and released the Nintendo ultra 64 and the Gameboy Color. The Nintendo 64 started a tradition of hardware design that focuses on high-performance specification. During this period, Nintendo spent a lot on its marketing campaign to retain their market shares. This is because of the rivalry from Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation.

In 1998, the Gameboy colour was released. This came with an improved specification with coloured features. During this period, the release of the game boy camera and printer was released as accessories to the game boy.

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Between 2000 and 2015, the Nintendo video gaming company introduced a number of signature software and hardware products. Some of these are the redesigned game boy advanced. GameCube, Game Boy advanced SP, Mario Kart DS, Mario series and so much more.

In 2016, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Zelda ii, Adventure of Link, Dr Mario and the Pokemon Go were the main video gaming frontier for the Nintendo company. Till date, there are more introduced products such as Honor of kings, super Mario run.

Products by Nintendo

Over the years, Nintendo has introduced a variety of signature products. These major market successful products shaped the history of both the Nintendo video gaming company and the video gaming industry in general. Part of these products includes:

Color TV-Game
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This is Japan’s highest selling video game console as at 1977. The Nintendo color TV-Game sold well over three million units.

Nintendo Entertainment System

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This is ab 8-bit console that was initially released as a family computer in Japan. In 1983, the Nintendo Entertainment system became the bestselling gaming console of all time. This was a pivotal period for the United State video game industry.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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This was the introduced 16-bit video gaming console which was released in 1991 and 1992 in Europe. It was initially released in 1990 in Japan. It was the signature console that improved the graphics and sound compatibility of the consoles at that time.

Nintendo 64
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In 1996, the Nintendo 64 was released and featured the 3D Polygon model rendering capabilities. This also added features of multiplayer for up to four players at the time. There were other accessories introduced during this period. The analog stick, Rumble Pak was part of the noticeable accessories that were released.

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This was released in 2001 in Japan and North America. It was later made available to the rest of the world in 2002. This sixth generation console was the immediate introduction following the Nintendo 64. It was also the competing product to the Sony's PlayStation 2 that was in vogue at that time.

Wii and Wii U
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Between 2006 and 2012, the Wii and Wii U were released worldwide. It features high definition graphics and touchscreen interaction features. This system supports a wide range of accessories and controllers. As at March 2018, the Wii U totaled over 13 million sold units sold.

Nintendo Switch
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The new concept from Nintendo showed to be the next console in which the Nintendo brand is focusing on. This came with the distribution of software development kits for features that includes virtual reality and others.


The Nintendo brand has been one of the most influential names when it comes to video gaming worldwide. With amazing consoles and developed software and hardware, it has been at the forefront of development and innovation as it concerns video gaming.

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With the developments of its dedicated game platforms and gaming software development kits, the video gaming company has shown that they are not taking their foot off the gas any time soon.

Top 5 Worst Video Game Movies Ever Made

5. Bloodrayne
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"Bloodrayne" was released in 2005 and was based on the game about a half-human half-vampire. Although the cast was great, the director under utilized the talent he had at hand.

4. Double Dragon
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Movies based on fighting video games always seem to make the worst lists. The side scrolling game Double Dragon was a huge hit for 90s kids. Unfortunately the movie did not live up to the game's greatness.

3. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
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Mortal Kombat: Annihilation is another great video game turned into a bad movie. The casting was terrible and the director was simply trying to bank off the Mortal Kombat name.

2. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
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Street Fighter tried to create a movie based on one of it's most popular characters, Chun-Li. The pseudo-back story is bland and dull. It loses it's feel as a action-packed fighting game.

1. Super Mario Bros.
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Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo play the two most popular video game characters of all time. That's about all the movie had in common with the game. The movie was one of the biggest financial flops of all time. 

Funny Tweets about the New Pokemon Games that are Set in a UK-Based Region

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are set in a UK-based region. Fans on twitter have been posting hilarious memes about it.

Both are scheduled for release on the Switch in late 2019.

Here are some of the best tweets: