Should You Buy Nintendo 3DS?

Looking to buy Nintendo 3DS on sale? You are definitely not the only one. People everywhere are looking for great prices on the Nintendo 3DS and that is why I wrote this article about getting really good deals.

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Two Screens

The Nintendo machine has got several displays similar to the preceding DS. The base screen is a touch screen. It is going to perform very much the same as the preceding DS touch screen. Only this time around, the system comes with a stylus. The upper screen is 10-percent bigger and puts to use a 3-dimensional polarized screen which can produce life-like 3d visuals. The 3d visuals offer to carry game design to an entirely different height.

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Backward Compatibility

On the backside of the portable 3D capable hand held there is a DS-compatible game cartridge port that will accept both 3DS games or classic DS games. The portable 3D capable hand held additionally can utilize SD memory cards. You can store mp3s for playback or downloaded games on the SD card. A 2 giga-byte memory card will come with the video game console and can certainly be purchased and upgraded in the future.

Nintendo 3DS Controls

The first 3D portable in the video game industry has the 6 usual controller buttons including the usual number of 4 on the right side of the unit and the triggers placed over the top of the console. There is the traditional digital control pad. Virtually all of the controls are recognizable and there is no obstacle to get in and begin actively playing. New to the 3DS is the cutting edge made analog circle pad which allows for more precise character motion and camera control. There is even an integrated gyroscope and accelerator which in-turn react to the motion and angle of the console. Every single turn and twist of the 3DS as well as down and up movement can be analyzed and adapted to the game.

Rechargeable Battery

The 3DS comes with a charging cradle and a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack. It normally takes about close to 4 hours to replenish the device. When using 3DS video games expect that the rechargeable battery will continue without plugging it in for about 3 hours. While playing DS games which require reduced juice assume between five and eight hours of fun. Battery operation is dependent on display settings as well as a variety of other factors.

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Adjustable 3-D Depth Slider

Because 3d doesn't work precisely the same for everyone, the innovative video game company provided a switch to adapt the 3D appearance to your taste. Gamers can even turn it off and enjoy the razor sharp 2-d visuals.

Built-In Cameras

There is one inner facing pinhole camera which can be utilized to take a snapshot of you. The digital camera can be utilized with many of the 3DS software packages. On the outside of the Nintendo 3DS you'll find 2 pinhole cameras which will end up being put into use for 3d photography and new gameplay concepts.

Wireless Features

The first 3D device in the video game world encourages wireless network video games. Street pass makes it possible for Nintendo admirers to swap Miis and game data on the road. People can easily create digital associations with legitimate people. Spot pass lets the first 3D device from Nintendo find wireless network hotspots.

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Built-In Software

Fun may well be experienced as soon as you get the system. The built-in collection of software will allow for mobile gameplay which in turn allows for individuals to partake in the fun. The Home navigation screen is a major hub that has just about all of the significant applications. In the event individuals happen to be inside a video game, hitting the home menu key makes it possible for players to temporary halt the video game and return to the central screen.

Newly Designed Mii Creator

One of the hottest features right from the Nintendo Wii is now back. The Mii designer has several exciting fresh improvements. Gamers can develop Miis from scratch and better yet generate their virtual representations right from a photograph. The Mii software immediately makes the Mii cartoon figures from a photograph and gamers can help to make the polishing touches.

AR Games

With the built-in Augmented Reality title, environments can occur in the real world on your living room floor. The specially-made 3d cameras produce an alternative reality. You basically locate the AR card on the table or floor and the Nintendo 3DS will scan the Augmented Reality card and make game stages right in front of your very own face.

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Initial Impressions

Game makers are seriously happy about the Nintendo 3DS. By using 3d there is a remarkable sensation of depth in the artwork. It really is significantly more intense than you would assume it might be. Because of this,the 3DS display comes across as being even bigger than it really is. It's actually remarkable the moment you first pick it up and experience it. The first 3D portable functions quite a lot better than you suppose it will function. The level of immersion that the stereoscopic display allows adds to the immersion. It's much better than many 3d tvs currently on the market. The unique stereoscopic screen lets individuals visualize the placement of their character in the game world. Gamers can finally believe it and feel it when their character leaps off a towering ship. If the company can get the game titles correct, the Nintendo 3DS may just be a revolution.

Nintendo 3DS Price

You can buy an SNES edition on Amazon for $159.99.

Does Anyone Even Remember the Atari XEGS?

The Atari XE Video Game System, or Atari XEGS, was released in Fall 1987 and sold for $159 shortly after the Atari 7800.  Not many remember the system because the 64-bit Atari Jaguar was released shortly after and was much more memorable. 

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 Here are the Top 5 Atari XEGS games from that define the system. 

5. Ballblazer

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Sure games like these are no match for the 7th and 8th generation consoles we have now, but there is nothing quite like popping in a game that was made around the time I was born and participating in some good old competitive ball games. The fact that this game was 3-D at all was impressive. I won’t pretend to be a hard core fan of games that are shorter than the lock picking mini game on Skyrim, but I do have respect for the games that started it all. I probably won’t be spending much time playing this again. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t check out the originals. What ever happened to games that just started when you put it in? Why go through 12 unskippable screens and cut-scenes before the game even starts? Oh how I miss the simplicity. (nerdbacon)

4. Star Raiders II

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Star Raiders was the Atari 8-bit home computer's killer app, inspiring Ted Nelson to claim that "The Atari machine is the most extraordinary computer graphics box ever made, and Star Raiders is its virtuoso demonstration game." It was not until many years later that a sequel, of sorts, was released. This Star Raiders II was nothing at all like the original, as it was originally The Last Starfighter, a licensed tie-in to that was rebranded to avoid the stench of the box-office flop. (Maury Markowitz)

3. Choplifter

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Originally Choplifter! appeared on both Atari computers and the Apple II. It's arrival on the XE seemed similar to these computer versions. Its fun to refer to Atari and Apple ][ hardware as "computers" considering the original GameBoy probably had more power under the hood! 1982 was a good year for Choplifter! - it appeared on 6 computers/consoles. Many players will complain about the lack of visual diversity and minimal use of sound. For those folks, we like to remind them the mission takes place at night and it's a stealth rescue mission. Hampered vision and silence can be imagined as part of the "reality" factor. (8bitcentral)

2. Airball

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It's a new fantasy adventure game where you are turned into a pink bubble gum-like ball by an evil wizard. Find your way through 250 rooms of the mansion in search of the spellbook that can return you to human form so you can defeat the wizard! (atariage)

1. Crystal Castles

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Crystal Castles is only a one-player game. If you own an Atari XE or if you ever get the chance to play one, don't miss your chance to own, or at least play, this great, overlooked classic called Crystal Castles! I'm giving it a perfect score because just about every asset of the game stands a head or two above most other Atari cartridges. Whether it's the spectacular graphics, the memorable sounds and music, the unbelievable replay value, the engaging fun, or whatever, Crystal Castles has it all.  Even if you're real familiar with the Atari XE and many of its games, it will probably be hard for you to believe that the creators could fit so many levels, graphics, fun, etc., into just one cartridge like they did with these castles made of crystal. (gamefaqs)

5 Expensive Video Games You May Own

  1. Duck Tales 2 (Nintendo NES) $60Image result for duck tales 2
Released in 1993, Duck Tales 2 is the sequel to the original Nintendo games Duck Tales.  The game is expensive because of its rarity.  It was released 3 years after the release of the Super Nintendo.  By this time, most people owned a Super Nintendo and did not want to purchase games for the original Nintendo.
2. Shantae (Gameboy Color) $320
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This semi-rare game is highly underrated.  Shantae is a platform adventure game that features a half-genie half-girl named Shantae as she travels to defeat an evil lady pirate. The game was released in 2002 shortly after the release of the newer, more powerful Gameboy Advance.
3. Suikoden II (Playstation 1) $150
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In this role-playing game, players control a boy who must travel around the world map and advancing the plot.  The side quests and strategic elements make this game one of the most expensive games for the original Playstation.
4. Tooth Protectors (Atari 2600)
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Tooth Protectors was one of the first video games to sponsor a company.  Johnson and Johnson released this game by mail order only.  You play as the Tooth Protector and must save the teeth from the snake.  To do this, you must stop the snake from shooting breadcrumbs.  If the teeth get take too much damage, you can clean them with a toothbrush.
5. Musha (Sega Genesis) $300
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Musha is one of the few good quality shooting games on the Sega Genesis.  This was a very popular game in Japan, but it never caught on in the United States.  It was also never released in Europe making it a very sought after game.

Which Mario Kart Game is the Best?

Almost every Nintendo console had a Mario Kart game released.  Some of the Mario Kart games were innovative and some were flat out boring.  For this list, I won't include any arcade games, so the Mario Kart GP games will not be listed.

8. Mario Kart: Super Circuit (Gameboy Advance)

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This game had the power to be an amazing game being the first portable Mario Kart game.  However, with the limitations of the Gameboy Advance, the game was lackluster.  The colors were not as vibrant as the Super Nintendo version, and the limitations of multiplayer kept this game from achieving greatness.

7. Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii)

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Although Mario Kart Wii was probably the most popular Mario Kart game ever released, the game lacks innovation and attempts to please everyone.  The game is not terrible, it just doesn't bring anything new to the table.  It is extremely similar to all the previous Mario Kart games. The motion controls are difficult to master, unless you use the d-pad instead.

6. Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo 3DS)

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Mario Kart 7 feels like a less amazing prequel to the awesome Mario Kart 8.  The addition of the gliders felt like an afterthought before being mastered in Mario Kart 8.  The track design and online play was mediocre.

5. Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64)

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The leap into 3D was an issue for many game developers, but Mario Kart 64 simply killed it.  Barriers were made from 3D mountains and trees rather than 2D blocks in its predecessor, Super Mario Kart.  Ramps jutted out of the ground and led to shortcuts.  The jump to 3D added many more elements that Super Mario Kart couldn't use.

4. Mario Kart DS (Nintendo DS)

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With 3D visuals clearer than Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart DS also allowed the customization of karts.  It was also the first Mario Kart to allow online play.  Single player mode was challenging, allowing players to unlock more characters and karts.

3. Super Mario Kart (Super Nintendo)

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Although Super Mario Kart lacks the density and complexity of its successors, it had challenging, inventive and beautiful courses.  It was one of the first racing games to add items like mushrooms and shells to attack enemies and pass players faster.  The best part of the game has to be Battle Mode.  The goal of Battle Mode is to hit the other drivers with shells and bananas.  The multiplayer aspect of the game made it more entertaining than some of the other games for the Super Nintendo.  Read the story of how Super Mario Kart was created here.

2.  Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (Nintendo Gamecube)
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Perhaps one of the most innovative Mario Kart games, Mario Kart Double Dash took the elements from Mario Kart 64 and enhanced the aspects.  Splattered with shortcuts and tricks, Double Dash felt like a imaginative world you could explore for hours. Players could experiment with weight classes and special effects with the two character karts.  Players can also connect two Gamecubes together to have a giant 8-player race.

1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch)

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the most ingenious Mario Kart game.  With the addition of zero gravity sections, the game offers never-before-seen thrills on its new tracks.  The Super Horn, which pushes away everything within a certain radius, may seem like a pointless power-up, but players can use it against a blue shell.  Time it correctly, and those pesky blue shells will be pushed out of the way.  Battle mode is seamless, competitive, and fun.  Overall, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch is the best Mario Kart game.

Which Mario Kart game is your favorite?  Tell us in the comments!

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Get Fit With Nintendo Switch Exclusive ‘Fitness Boxing’ After the Holidays

Anyone who gets a Nintendo Switch this holiday season will have a new way to burn off winter calories with “Fitness Boxing,” an upcoming Switch-exclusive title, Nintendo of America announced Tuesday.

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In “Fitness Boxing,” players can complete boxing workouts at low- or high-intensity that are set to instrumental renditions of hit songs. Using the Joy-Con controllers, players will punch, weave, and squat off the calories and track progress in the game with the assistance of in-game trainers.

The game can be played on the go by setting the Switch in tabletop mode or played at home with the TV mode, offering a more flexible option than the gym... Read more here

Sim City Review Super Nintendo 1991

Start with a underdeveloped town (you name it yourself) and build it into a metropolis. Or, take on the challenge of rescuing a city overwhelmed with problems. Either way, taxes, zoning, crime, transportation, education, fire control, and other critical issues are in your hands.

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Time is passing, and every decision you make has a future consequence. Your assistant, Dr. Wright, can help you make the right decisions. Just ask! Surprise catastrophes also threaten your growing city like fire, earthquakes, airplane crashes, even a giant Koopa who has a nose for industrial pollution!

Will you build the ideal city? Or will disgruntled citizens leave you with a ghost town?

SimCity was released for the Super Nintendo in 1991, being one of the first games released, right after the initial three (Mario World, F-Zero and Pilotwings). There really is not a whole lot to say about the story; You have been elected mayor of a barren land form (Plus some water) and your goal is to turn it into a Megalopolis of 500,000 citizens. Sound easy? It's not.

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Game Graphics:
The Graphics do fit within the game well and by themselves they are genuinely above average. The music is just simply great as the game play fits perfectly within the game structure. Making it all blend together very nicely, making this very enjoyable to play.

This game was not a showcase for the SNES's graphic capabilities, nor was it meant to be. Nonetheless, there were some pretty cool effects here like when the seasons change every three months, thus changing the color of the forests from green to brown to white. The ''zones'' do not look as they would in real life, especially when they are first built.

Airports and Seaports look pretty nice. It is also fairly easy to tell what is going on, which is always a plus for example when a zone needs Power, you will see a lightning bolt flash on and off it. Some structures are also animated, the Industrial Zones in particular.

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Sound & Effects:
To be honest, until you get to Metropolis (100,000 citizens), the music is really kind of annoying but before that, the Disaster theme will be one of the best you will hear. The music does seem to fit whatever stage of development your city is in. Of course, when the music does get annoying, it really does not help.

Sound effects wise, there's a really slim selection, besides the clicking of icons and the placement of zones. Sometimes you get a rail car starting up, or a Plane taking off (Or crashing down, right before that cool disaster music). Other than that, there is not really a whole lot to the sound effects through out the game.

While it is true that the game would really benefit from a mouse device, this game predated the SNES mouse by a year or so, so that was not an option. In spite of this, the game controls really well, and there's quite a bit to do, even in the light of this game's sequels, Simcity 2000 and 3000. You can set game speed, wreak disasters on your city at will (Though you can not invoke the almighty Nuclear Meltdown... ), or go to Dr. Wright for some advice.

Of course, in order to accomplish your goal, you will have to listen to your citizens, and give them what they want. The Icon interface allows you to access this info whenever you need it. As far as building your city goes, it's really simple: Just click on the structure you want to build, find a place for it, push a button, and "BAM" there is your structure.

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Story line:
While it's not really a story, the basic premise was very original for its time. You are the mayor of a city that you have to guide to Megalopolisdom. Keep in mind that Story was not a very important part of video games in 1991, not that the premise would have been any different. But let's face it, it is not the story that will keep you playing this game.

Overall Challenge:
Quite honestly, I'm of the belief that pulling off a Megalopolis the right way is the single toughest feat in all of video gaming. And the Big Money Code you probably already know about does not really make it any easier. As with any game of its kind, you have to go slow and build up a solid financial base before you can build at any sort of decent pace (As such, you spend a lot of time with the Game Speed set to Fast, just waiting around). The Big Money code can make this faster, but not any easier trust me.

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Replay Value:
Admittedly, there is not a lot to do after you beat this game. Of course you probably never will beat the game, in the Megalopolis sense. If you get bored, you can challenge one of 6 scenarios, in which you are given a city with a problem ranging from the mundane (Traffic, Crime) to the near catastrophic (Nuclear Meltdown). You have a set period of time 5 or 10 years to make the situation right.

It is quite a challenge to stay within your budget for this amount of time, given that you will probably lose several hundred dollars a year, besides having to improve the city. Before you beat them, it's fun to play the game a lot, but afterward you really get kind of sick of it.

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Final Thoughts:
This was really the first Sim game that spawn all the others, and it is still one of the best. The functional graphics, ''Unique'' soundtrack, great control, and of course, the disasters, make this a game you will want in your collection if you are a fan of the Simulation genre.

You won't be disappointed. Overall this is just simply another classic game that exceeds on various levels. While it is not a terribly rare game like ''Final Fantasy III'' or ''Mega Man X3'' it is not a highly common one as well. (Though fortunately at least its price range is generally reasonable.) Its sequels may be bigger but the original title is still going strong...

Evolution of Secret Final Bosses in Zelda Games

From 1993 to 2018, The Legend of Zelda games had secret bosses.

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Check out this video to see the evolution video below: