Final Fantasy was first released 20 years ago. It was a big success story in gaming. Every one played it back then. If you didn't know Final Fantasy you weren't cool. Most of you gamers weren't even born. It was an age when 386's ruled with 4MB memory and the Internet only consisted of bulletin boards. You didn't have websites like today.


Square Enix rekindled that flame when they released a RPG on the Nintendo DS and again Final Fantasy took the gaming world by storm. Gamers all over the world went gaga over the new RPG and it was loved by everyone, even those who didn't play games.

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection for the PSP is now the newest release. It's lost none of its flare and it's as popular as the very first one. How ironic that a 20 year old game is still as exciting as its very first predecessor.


The main character is a dark knight named Cecil. The king orders him to find and collect all the Worlds crystals. Cecil has to kill innocent civilians in all the towns as he continues on his quest to fulfill the king's wishes. Soon after Cecil has to re-think his orders as he finds out the real reason for the king's motives.

The true adventure thus begins. The characters are superbly created and do a good job of their purpose. The game is exciting and you are truly concerned in what happens in the plot so you devote all your energy and time to it. The game is a real gem to play. The story is interesting and full of surprises. The characters have been designed with marvelous graphic detail and the music does the game justice.

All the previous versions are included. One of the sequels is called the After Years. The story is almost the same. The world is yet again at risk of extermination. You face a barrage of enemy units as you try and save the world. The moon phase can make you strong or weak. Again the characters do justice to the game. All the old ones are present and the developers have included some new ones to make the game even more interesting.


An additional chapter is included. There are more dungeons, enemy bosses, obstacles and the like to overcome. Your task won't be a cakewalk as you proceed to save the Earth again from extinction.

This is one of the best RPG's on the market. The graphics are completely overhauled from the previous versions, the storylines are the same but with added twists, the characters are improved, the controls are easy to use and respond beautifully.

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection is overall a good game to play. If you like fantasy adventures with plenty of action, you can't go far wrong from purchasing this exciting and well rounded off game. Regardless of your age, you are sure to find Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection an asset to your game collection.

Which Pokemon Type are You?

Have you ever wondered which Pokemon type you are?

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Take the quiz below to find out which Pokemon type you are.

Nintendo Plans to "Boost" Switch Online after Surge in Short Subscription Plans

Nintendo Switch Online now has 8 million subscribers, but a growing number of them are opting for shorter subscription plans.

In a Q&A session with investors, Nintendo's management was asked about the popularity of Nintendo Switch Online in the wake of Super Smash Bros Ultimate -- which is the fastest selling console game in the company's history.

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The long-awaited online service launched on September 18, 2018, and Nintendo reported that more than half of subscribers in its first six weeks had signed up for a "12-month family or individual membership... Read more here

Ben 10 Alien Force Games Sequence

Ben 10 Alien Force is a motion venture game and it is based on the well known animated cartoon series. Before playing Ben 10 Alien Force Games, the below five main personalities of the Alien Force series should be recognized.

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- Benjamin Tennyson referred to as "Ben": is the lead character of the game, he is a youngster who has the recalibrated Omnitrix which gives him access to a new group of alien heroes.

- Gwendolyn Tennyson generally known as "Gwen": is the lead's first cousin with a short temperament. She has an alien heritage and has the ability to control pure pink energy to blasts and shields.

- Julie Yamamoto: is the love interest of Ben and later becomes his girlfriend. She first appeared at Ben's soccer game and congratulated him.
-Maxwell "Max" Tennyson: a semi-retired Plumber's member. He's got great impact on Ben's mission against aliens.

- Kevin Ethan Levin: was an arch rival. He has the power of absorbing attributes of solid metals he puts his hands on.

Those who've been following the television series will certainly get involved in playing these games free of charge on the internet. This game is very famous among kids and includes Ben 10 Action Packs, Ben 10 Game Creator, Hero Hoops, Vilgax Crash, Forever Defense, Upgrade Space Battle, Swarm Smash, Project Exonaut and many more. These games will certainly be enjoyed by kids as these adventure series are thrilling and thrilling involving new voyages in the world of extra terrestrial creatures.

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Ben 10 Game Creator is the most popular amongst young children. It offers a vast number of exciting Ben 10 games every day. The most exciting thing is that you can create various games that can be played for free by any other enthusiasts around the word. The game creations can even be rated and commented. The favorites of this game are: Brainstorm, SpiderMonkey, Humungousaur, Swampfire, Echo Echo, Goop and Jet Ray.

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The Ben 10 Omnitrix game enables you to transform into great Ben 10 aliens of your own preference and beat villains like Aggregor and Vilgax. The Vilgax Crash game is about attack of the earth with the Null Void projector. While Hero Hoops game is a fun and addicting basket challenge. Swampfire allows you to blast fireballs while fighting with Forever Knights. Ben 10 Action pack, a new card game strategy series is surely taking kids by storm.

Ben 10 Alien Force Games and Ben 10 Games are appropriate for its young and old followers as it comes with games of every kind.

Kirby's Adventure Nintendo NES Review

Developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo for the NES. Kirby's Adventure was first released March 23, 1993 in Japan, and was later released in North America on May 1, 1993, and in Europe on December 1, 1993. Kirby's Adventure is the second installment in the franchise with Kirby's Dream Land for the original Gameboy being the first installment. Fun fact: Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Kirby is also the creator of Super Smash Brothers and has even voiced King Dedede in Kirby 64 and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Kirby's adventure for the NES is commonly praised as one of the best looking games if not the best looking game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and believe it or not still holds up well today.

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You play as a pink ball named Kirby, or what I thought was a pink bubblegum as a child. There are a total of 7 worlds in Kirby's adventure and each one rewarded the player with a short animated intro clip that were usually funny. Kirby is able to swim, slide kick, jump, fly and suck in enemies and absorb their powers in order to give him an advantage with different types of enemies or areas. At the time, this was executed well and gave the platform genre more depth than any Mario game. Sure, Super Mario had a few power-ups, but Kirby had 10+ power-ups. The mini games in Kirby were also a thrill, they varied from arcade claw machines picking up small Kirby plush toys for extra lives to a mid-west styled Kirby firing off a pistol round (which was actually just a boxing glove spring) at his opponent before the opponent got their shot off - this required you to tap the "A" button as soon as your opponent drew their weapon.

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Kirby's animations were comical and even impressive for the time. Everything Kirby did had a unique animation, whether it was jumping, sliding, vacuuming enemies, flying, getting hit by different enemy attacks such as lightning or fire and more. The level design in Kirby were bright, colorful and never got repetitive or dull. My only complaint is how short the game is - you should have no problem completing it within 3 hours. The music was great and is still used today as classic Kirby themes, the sound effects were also good enough to compliment what the game had to offer.

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In conclusion, this is an absolute must own game for any NES collector. If you don't take my word on it, at least do yourself a favor and checkout some gameplay of it on YouTube. I'd even go as far to tell 3DS owners to purchase the 3D version on the Nintendo eShop. It won't disappoint if you're hungry for a classic game you haven't played already.

How Sega Shot Themselves in the Foot With the Saturn

If you're a gamer and you've given more than a cursory glance to industry news in the last couple of years then you'll probably be aware of how Microsoft well and truly bungled the launch of the Xbox One. Whether it was arrogance, hubris, or just sheer bone-headedness, somebody at Microsoft really misjudged the marketing for the latest Xbox console, and the effects of that can still be felt today as the PS4 dominates the charts month after month. Sony might be celebrating now, but they too found themselves in a similar situation last generation when they tried to launch their PS3 amid controversy, a high price point, and bad marketing.

While Microsoft are in the middle of rehabilitating their image following the Xbox One DRM debacle and Sony implemented what they'd learned from the relative failure of the PS3 to improve the PS4, at least those companies are still releasing consoles. Back in 1995, SEGA were one of "the big two" when it came to console gaming (along with Nintendo) but some appalling marketing decisions with the Saturn put the company into a tailspin that it never truly recovered from, resulting in the early abandonment of their next console, the Dreamcast, and ultimately them retreating from the hardware game entirely.

Prior to the launch of the Saturn, SEGA announced that the console would be released one week before the new Sony console, the PlayStation, in September 1995. Whether it was out of fear of the new kid on the block, or just an incredibly misguided marketing ploy, somebody at SEGA HQ decided it would be a good idea to surprise everybody by launching the Saturn in May as a big surprise. To everybody. Including gamers. And retailers. And developers. And publishers. Oh and forget about developing for the 32X, that's so last month.

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Yes, the SEGA Saturn launched in the May of 1995 but as far as most gamers were concerned it wasn't expected until September and so they didn't have chance to save up or warn their parents it was coming. That didn't really matter so much though, since most retailers were also unaware that the console was coming and so their stores weren't readily equipped to take on the launch of a brand new console five months before they were expecting it. Although, upon reflection, perhaps they were worried about nothing since there were no games ready for the system since SEGA also failed to alert game developers of the change in release date meaning that there were only six games available at launch and all of them were made by SEGA.

In one fell swoop, SEGA managed to upset practically every retailer, every game developer and publisher that wasn't them, and confuse gamers around the world. It was basically the gaming equivalent of sending all of your Christmas cards out in June and then wondering why nobody bothered sending you one back.

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The Saturn wasn't quite the straw that broke the camel's back, but the decision to swerve everybody with a phony release date for the console crippled it and allowed the PlayStation to clean up when it was finally released on the day that Sony told people it would be released in September. SEGA didn't attempt any such chicanery with their next console, the Dreamcast, but the damage to their brand had already been done, and in doing so, given Sony a chance to find footing within the console market. The PlayStation 2 went on to be the best selling console of all time, and the Dreamcast lasted less than two years on the market before SEGA abandoned hardware altogether to concentrate on just developing and publishing games for other consoles.

The Quickest Way to Beat Super Mario World

First start a new game of Super Mario World. Then from the start go to the right to Yoshi Island #2. The Yoshi Island stages should be a cake walk. Then proceed to Yoshi Island #3. Then Yoshi Island #4. Then beat the first castle (Iggy's). That takes care of the easy part.

Here is when things get a little more complicated. Proceed north from the castle to Donut Plains #1. Make sure you get a cape from one of the Caped Koopas in the beginning. Now Go right before the end of this stage and fly up to reveal a key and secret door.

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This will take you to Donut Secrets #1 (underwater stage). Go through the stage until you reach a POW box. Do not hit it yet. Pick it up and carry it until you see a key. Then hit it and proceed to Donut Secret House.

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Go normally through Donut Secret House #1 until you reach a room with a circular formation of ghost. Go past them to a platform. Hit the Pow box you find and fly above the platform to reveal a secret door/boss fight. The Big Boo can be defeated by throwing the blocks up at him. Congratulations you reached Star World.

Go through the key exits in Star World #1, #2, #3, and #4. They are all easy to find except the one in Star World #4. This requires the baby red Yoshi at the beginning of the stage. Feed him until he turns into an adult Yoshi then find a blue koopa and eat him without swallowing him. Fly up to find a secret area/key exit.

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After Star World #4 take the star exit under it on the map. This will take you to the front door of Bowser's Castle. Complete this last stage and congratulate yourself on beating the game in record time/in 12 stages.

To reiterate the 12 stages are 1.) Yoshi's Island 22.) Yoshi's Island 33.) Yoshi's Island 44.) Iggy's Castle5.) Donut Plain 16.) Donut Secret 17.) Donut Secret House 18.) Star World 19.) Star World 210.) Star World 311.) Star World 412.) Bowser's Castle (front door)

This is the fastest way of beating Super Mario World (snes).