Top 5 Underrated Nintendo Gamecube Games

The Gamecube console is one of the most underrated Nintendo consoles in itself, but here is a list of the top 5 most underrated Nintendo Gamecube games.

5. Chibi-Robo

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“We call Chibi-Robo a puzzle-platformer and not the other way around for a reason – this is a game about exploration and about solving environmental obstacles in order to retrieve objects and continue onward. Chibi is an amazingly robust character because he is able to find or buy and equip various tools to help him with his duties. Early on, he recovers a toothbrush and utilizes it to clean stains on the ground. Later, he finds a spoon, which is able to shovel planters for seeds that in turn grow flowers. He often makes use of a copter blade that rises from the top of his head to hover across gaps and to safely descend from tall structures. Figuring out which tools need to be used and where is a massively rewarding undertaking and a major part of the game’s appeal.What begins as a seemingly simplistic affair is transformed into a juggling act of activity as the game advances. During his first day, Chibi need only pick up trash and throw it into a nearby wastebasket to earn happy points, which he uses to buy new batteries for his body. (Players start the game with an 80.0 charge and can buy upgrades that quadruple that number.) Later, he might need to earn happy points to charge a giant-sized battery for the Giga Robo, use his blaster to take out troublesome nano-bots so that he can use their parts to construct bridges and ladders, rescue a trapped princess from her fortress, clean up dozens of nearby stains, and more, all the while always watching his battery to make sure he never runs out of power."

4. Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

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 “The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction offers this same feeling of unchecked, unrivaled, unstoppable power a hundred times over. As the Big Green himself you’re given free range over a thriving coastal city and a sparsely populated canyon town, and you’re the biggest bully on the playground. That means you’re free to charge through traffic like a bull elephant, throw busses into a crowded intersection, or use lamp posts to four-iron a cow so far that even the staunchest of PETA members would explode with laughter. I cannot stress enough how great it is to look down a street and see upturned cars, downed power lines, buildings on fire, panic in the streets–something out of a zombie movie–and being able to say, “I did this.” I’ve never actually fathered a child myself but I cannot imagine doing so would match such a feeling of prideful accomplishment."

3. Beyond Good & Evil

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”In one sense, it’s easy to describe Beyond Good & Evil, the latest game from Rayman creator Michel Ancel. Its core game play is very similar to recent Zelda titles, especially the generally excellent The Wind Waker, with puzzle-laden “dungeons,” vehicular transport to different parts of the game world, an intuitive combat system, and even heart containers. Add to this plenty of stealth levels, hovercraft racing, classic shooting sequences, and even some platformer-style elements (though somehow without the frustrating jumping). Then wrap it all up with a sophisticated story involving rich characters in a vivid, beautifully realized game world. Quick summary? It’s Zelda for grown-ups, without the annoying fetch-quests…."

2. Wave Race: Blue Storm

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“Like the original, Wave Race: Blue Storm is not for the impatient or those with short attention spans. Just getting around the track in one piece can be a challenge at first. But once you master the control, its intricacies and sensitivity provide a rewarding experience. Navigating each track is a simple process of steering and giving the Jet Ski gas, but if you want to be competitive, you won’t be able to simply rely on the skills you built five years ago. The biggest change is the addition of the turbo button. Once enough buoys have been successfully negotiated, you are awarded with a turbo boost that can be used at any time. NST has also included the option to tuck and gain speed, but doing so will decrease the handling abilities of your ski slightly. The number of tricks at your disposal has also been greatly improved. In addition to the barrel rolls, flips, and dives found in the original, you can now perform more than a dozen new tricks common to motocross, such as the can-can, superman, and tabletop. Performing tricks is no longer a hindrance to winning a race because doing so will increase your top speed. The GameCube controller’s analog shoulder buttons are put to perfect use as they allow you to feather sharp turns without losing any speed. It appears as if the physics of the original game have returned–the watercraft react to every rip curl and wave undulation with startling realism. If you catch waves properly, you can actually surf them and gain speed. Veterans of the original Wave Race will be able to jump right in and compete in Blue Storm, but newcomers to the franchise will have to endure a learning curve before coming to grips with its challenging yet elegant controls…."

1. Tales of Symphonia

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“Packed under the two discs in the case is eighty hours of gameplay and from the minute you pick up Tales of Symphonia, you feel yourself starting to be sucked into it. For non-RPG fans, there may be a small learning curve, but if you stick with the game, you’ll eventually come to understand everything, and grow to love the battle system—the game’s best feature. First off, there are no random battles, so you will not be just walking along, and out of nowhere have been sucked in a battle during exploration. While some may argue, that random battles help them level up appropriately, I have not found it to be a problem at all because, I hardly ever want to avoid a battle! The battles are extremely fun in this game, and I think that Zelda fans will love them for sure…."
N-Philes’ Review of Tales of Symphonia

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