Top 5 Underrated Nintendo 3DS Games

5. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
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Shadow Wars might have the Ghost Recon name on the box, but this has nothing to do with the shooters you’ve played on consoles. Instead, this is the closest thing a Nintendo portable has ever seen to XCOM (and indeed shares the same producer). The action is tense as you move your team of soldiers through levels, setting the perfect traps, and the campaign is lengthy, easily clocking in at more than 30 hours on the first playthrough. While Nintendo’s Fire Emblem might get all of the attention as the best strategy series on the 3DS, Shadow Wars provides an even deeper strategy experience for those looking for a game with a modern military edge. (Chris Freidberg)

4. Fantasy Life
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Fantasy Life is a fun blend of life simulation and RPG that offers a cornucopia of activities to do and fun ways in which to do them. Though the pacing is sluggish and some of the quests a little too redundant, the kooky characters, silly humor, and incredibly addictive gameplay kept me fishing and forging well after the final credits rolled. (Meghan Sullivan)

3. Heroes of Ruin
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Delving fully into the game, you're bound to find many small nuances, some you'll find pleasing while others might cause you to complain. But as the time passes and you find yourself continually picking up your 3DS for another quick solo dungeon or a full afternoon with friends, you'll realize with pride that Heroes of Ruin was a worthy choice to add to your collection. (Sean Engemann)

2. Rune Factory 4
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Rune Factory 4 is a time sink. I spent dozens of hours grinding for better gear, better recipes and the opportunity to tackle more exciting challenges. But the game earned that commitment from me, offering an almost unlimited sense of progression, and mechanics that blended together into a cohesive, addicting whole. I spent 70 plus hours in Selphia — and I could've easily spent 70 more. (Danielle Rinendeau)

1. Dead or Alive Dimensions
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If you're a longtime fan of the series, DOAD is a great addition and a fun homage to the franchise's legacy. But even if you're new to the series (or the genre, for that matter), this title is a great starting point. Weird cut-scenes and clunky use of the touch screen aside, this is a beautiful and fun game that fighter fans should make it a point to check out. (Audry Drake)

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