A to Z: Super Nintendo Reviews for Each Letter of the Alphabet

Here is a list of Super Nintendo games from A to Z.  There are reviews that are accompanied with them.  I choose games that were the most popular in each category.  I may have missed a more popular game, but I chose some that I liked more. 

Alien 3
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It’s certainly the best game based on Alien 3 – only the GameBoy version offers a different adventure-like take. You’ll need to be prepared for a challenge as you progress to higher stages, but there’s enough ammo and supplies to make that challenge fair, even with the abundantly respawning enemies. The repeated mission types can get a little stale, but there is at least variety within the stages. In short, you’ve got to be up for it, but Alien 3 is a fun platformer if you are. (The Man)

Battletoads in Battlematics

I can appreciate a game with a tough challenge. But when it crosses the line like it does here, it just feels wrong. This game simply didn’t sit well with me outside of its visuals and music. Honestly, this game reminds me of a sleazy bait and switch. I came in expecting NES Battletoads on steroids. And it starts out decently enough. But as soon as that bloody second level hits, the game takes off its mask and says, “HA! TRICKED YA! THANKS FOR THE FIFTY BUCKS, BITCHES!” I’ve played a ton of SNES games in the past quarter century. There are some bad games in that lot, for sure, but Battletoads in Battlemaniacs was the last game I expected to be this disappointing. Not sure if I would have liked it more back in 1993 (perhaps it’s aged very poorly), but this game is frustrating and broken. Not my idea of a good time or a game anywhere near deserving of a 99% or a 9 out of 10 score. If you like it, more power to ya. But this goes down as one of the most botched NES to SNES efforts I have ever seen. Oh well. Can’t win ‘em all. At least Battletoads & Double Dragon was somewhat playable and enjoyable… (RVG Fanatic)

Chrono Trigger
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If anything, Chrono Trigger's brevity and lower difficulty might work on its behalf. They ensure that the game offers a smooth, fast-paced ride from beginning to end, one that lacks the padding so often found within the genre since there's no real need to ever grind for experience or cash. Even the scant few blatant fetch quests are quite brief. The existence of multiple eras to explore ensures a wide variety of locales, as well, and the fact these eras tend to have their own self-contained stories that still contribute to the plot makes the adventuring that much sweeter. There are bigger RPGs with more impressive stories, larger worlds and tons more stuff to do, but this particular game delivers a fun adventure without wasting anyone's time. That's certainly something to be celebrated. (Rob Hamilton)

Donkey Kong Country
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Overall, Donkey Kong Country is a challenging platformer that will appeal to those looking for a title you won’t just fly through. The game looks great and sounds great with a killer soundtrack that will stick with you long after the experience. This will naturally not appeal to everyone, but you can still step back and admire what an impressive achievement this game is (and was). Rare did the unexpected by taking a forgotten Nintendo character and made it into a big name for it in a legacy continues to this day. If you get a chance get Donkey Kong Country on the virtual console, download the game, or find an expensive cart version, peel back a banana and just go ape. (Jamalais)

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The battle system is a traditional Dragon Quest first-person type experience while the rest of the game is played as a Birds-eye view. The graphics, while slightly dated now, worked wonderfully at its release in 1995 and gave the game a quirky, modern feel to it that is wonderfully strange yet appealing to the eyes. A well-written storyline and constant humor keep the pace of the game lively and will keep you wondering what will come next throughout an adventure that is covered with NPC’s and enemies that will keep you entertained and coming back for more. (Mark Whitney)

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F-Zero captivated players and brought them to the 26th century where humans and aliens alike complete for the ultimate title – being named the F-Zero champion. It would take mastery of control, course layout and a little luck to even hope to reach this goal, and F-Zero did this all while being a mere launch title. (satoshimatrix)

Gradius III
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No, Gradius III isn’t the best shmup game, not even for the Super Nintendo. It doesn’t have U.N. Squadron’s intricate mechanics (or sense of novelty), Axelay’s technological marvels or Super R-Type’s attention to detail. But it deserves a fair shake anyway, least of all because the simple color scheme is fantastic and the game controls like butter. It’s just an endearing, arcade-style game made the way Konami normally made them; easy to master and time-consuming to finish. Even if it was just to attract people to the Super Nintendo until more obvious classics came along, it did the job well. I say it did the job better than expected, but I just like corn chips. (John Legendoffzelda)

Harvest Moon
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Overall this isn't that good of a Harvest Moon and I am really glad that they decided to keep making the games/improved on them for the future Harvest Moons. It's quite a surprise considering how poorly this one turned out that they even continued with the series at all. I can only recommend this game to die hard fans of the series to check out and/or anyone who is just extremely bored looking to farm some crops. If you really want a good Harvest Moon check out the one for NDS or Gamecube. They're the best! (almarsguides)

Illusion of Gaia
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Illusion of Gaia is an Action/RPG that fails in the RPG section, but shines quite well in the Action. If you play the game, don't get too swept up in the dialogue or story, because you can't. Have fun beating things silly with a wooden flute, and after you beat it, try it again! A side quest has been added where you search the world for 50 red jewels to give a man named Jeweler Gem. I tried this without the cheat book four times, and I was still missing a few! The prize for finding them all is a somewhat difficult Bonus area and one of the hardest bosses I have ever fought in any game. Depending on what you want from this game will make it sink or swim, but I liked it and give it an 80% Overall. (rpgfan)

Joe & Mac
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Joe & Mac: Ultimate Caveman Collection is an example of quality over quantity. All three games in the compilation are solid 16-bit platformers with a common theme and are a perfect blend of being similar enough to guarantee enjoyment, but varied enough where each feels like its own game. These may not be the best and most beloved SNES titles, but they’re all fun examples of early ’90s platformers. Ultimate Caveman Collection is a great way to revisit these titles if you enjoyed them when they were new or a good way to check them out if you remember their existence but never got around to playing them. (Chris Shive)

Killer Instinct
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Killer Instinct was the epitome of refined game play that you could find on the SNES. This game possessed potent abilities and an extensive combination and counter system. While not intuitive at first, it led to a finesse style of game play. The graphics, while not close to the arcade, were very impressive for the 16-bit Super Nintendo. Anyone who still owns that system should own Killer Instinct. (Garry Gordon)

Lufia & The Fortress of Doom
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I'm not really sure what else to say about Lufia and the Fortress of Doom. It's a very basic RPG that's generic as heck in many ways, but has a few interesting features that set it apart. It's a fun game. I've beaten it about three times now, but I'm rather glad, with having this review done, that I'll never have to play through it again. If you're in the mood to play a good RPG, you can do better than Lufia, but you probably won't end up regretting it, either, if you do play.(flyingomelette)

Mega Man X
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But if you've never played it before, you really should play Mega Man X in at least one of its forms. It's a spectacular action experience, a great transition of the 8-bit Mega Man series into a separate and satisfying 16-bit saga and just a total blast all around. And hey, who knows? Maybe if the original Mega Man X pulls in good sales numbers here on Wii, Capcom might consider reviving this series the same way it brought back old-school NES-era Mega Man for Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10. Mega Man X9? It could happen. ((Lucas M. Thomas)

NBA Jam 
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Overall, NBA Jam is a really fun sports title that paved the way for franchises such as NFL Blitz and FIFA Street Soccer. It refused to take serious sports titles like Joe Montana Football and NBA Live ’94 too seriously and instead created their own brand of basketball. C’mon, we all remember playing 2 on 2 in the street outside our friend’s house. Okay, maybe we don’t all have that memory. But anyone can appreciate a decent video game. And NBA Jam is exactly that. A decent video game. Not too long and not too short. NBA Jam isn’t a deep game by any means but the quick shallowness for which it is known is exactly what makes it fun to this day. No effort is needed if you and a friend want to pick up the old SNES controller and play a quick 10 minute basketball game. Better than winning is the bragging rights one holds for days to come. If NBA Jam isn’t in your collection, it is widely considered a classic and timeless 16-bit game and should be added to your library. (nerd berry)

Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen
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Too few serious gamers are aware of this strategic masterpiece. This game was unlike any other when it was released and remains unrivalled in its in unique genre today more than 10 years later. Don’t make the mistake of starting this game and not finishing it, and even more importantly don’t be faulted for refusing to try this hidden masterpiece for whatever reason. This series needs to be developed further, and only those who love this game can convince Square Enix to take this on, and all who have played this game will likely agree. (King Jinx)

Prince of Persia
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Originally, the SNES version of Prince of Persia was announced to be included with Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands on Wii but, for unknown reasons, that ultimately didn't happen. Thankfully, Ubisoft has now redeemed itself by releasing the game on the Wii Virtual Console instead. With more and larger levels, great graphics and music and many other new features, this is easily the best version of Prince of Persia ever made, and comes highly recommended. (Marcel van Duyn)

R-Type III
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Despite R-Type III's technical superiority, R-Type might be a better fit for you for several reasons. It's a more challenging game, and while R-Type III takes some time to get warmed up, R-Type throws unforgiving waves of enemies at you from the word "go." There's also the issue of controllers, as R-Type III is a four-button game that requires you to have either a GameCube controller or the Classic Controller to play. Though not as historically significant as something like Gradius, R-Type and R-Type III are both worthwhile genre exercises. (Ryan Davis)

Star Fox
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The release of Star Fox and its integration of the Super FX chip successfully distinguished the SNES from the competition, at least until Sega cunningly placed its own nifty processor into the Mega Drive Virtua Racing cart a year later. However, a year is an eternity in gaming and even Sega were not that cunning a fox in this instance. Argonaut and Nintendo created a magical team for this project. The sparks flew from the screen in a genuine mix of European and Japanese talent. Aurally, visually and in its character design and presentation it was phenomenal in 1993 and will be rightly remembered as a classic. Star Fox was the first release in a new series that Nintendo fans now hold dear and it ranks amongst the very cream of Nintendo’s long list of gaming glory. (Jamie O'Neill)

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
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Along with the tried and true gameplay elements, ALttP also introduces a few surprises as far as Link’s basic movements are concerned. In this adventure, Link is able to dash, descend from cliffs in jumping fashion, and even utilize his sword for what has come to be recognized as the trusty sword-spin attack of latter Zelda titles. All of these additions meld amazingly well with an incredibly detailed storyline to deliver one of the most enjoyable fantasy adventures ever. The story of A Link to the Past is truly where this game (and nearly every Zelda title for that matter) truly shines. Second only to the N64 masterpiece, Ocarina of Time, this extension of the series expands upon the mythology of the Hylian universe and the very essence of the mystical Triforce. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is a must own for any Zelda fan and a perfect addition to the Super Nintendo Library. (redpyramid)

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 does what Mortal Kombat 3 couldn't. Far more characters, more arenas, and you can even watch the entire set of fatalities after you beat the game if you so wish, or play a Galaxian-style mini-game. After Mortal Kombat 3, this game was a breath of fresh air for more fans. A nearly perfect port of the original arcade version used to be available on Xbox Live Arcade, but unfortunately, no longer due to Midway's financial problems and subsequent buyout by Warner Brothers. So the SNES version is probably the best available one, which you can probably get from e-bay or a local used gaming store. If you can find it, go ahead and buy this game today! (Sour)

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Even on “easy” the game provides a challenge so will keep players occupied for some time. The difficulty can be frustrating, as can an extra long collecting mission, and getting stuck to a building always annoys. There are some visual flaws, and it lacks the cinematic moments found in the previous Super FX games, but the game makes good use of the multiple modes of the Morphing Battle System and has some cracking music. Overall Vortex is an enjoyable gaming experience – assuming you haven't got lost. (Dave Frear)

Wario's Woods
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Overall, I can’t help but love Wario’s Woods. It doesn’t require any skill to get into it, but if you want to get far in it, you have to be really quick with your actions and be able to make quick decisions on what your best move would be. I have to say that this is one of my favorite puzzle games. It is so different than any other one that I’ve played, and it’s well done. They also made an NES version with some minor differences, but I never played it. It was actually the last official licensed game that was released for the NES if I remember correctly, and if that version is anything like this one, they went out with a bang. (Doobs)

X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse
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After envying our Sega Genesis-owning friends for over a year, the Nintendo kids finally got our X-Men game in 1994, and what a game it was! With higher quality visuals and sound than its Genesis counterpart, more refined combat-focused action, far superior level design, a stronger lineup of playable characters, and the unlimited use the X-Men’s powers, this game blew away everything that had come before it. X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse was not only well worth the wait, it set the new standard by which all future X-Men games should be judged. ((Lucas Kelleher)

Yoshi's Safari
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When my friend and I had finished with my most recent play-through of Yoshi Safari, the consensus was that the game is “decent.” It’s a fairly rudimentary light-gun game with nothing very special about it. In fact, I had a lot of difficulty figuring out what exactly I liked about this game. I still recommend it if you have a Super Scope, merely because there’s not a whole lot out there that supports it, and you could do worse. There’s nothing vile about it, it’s just so average. Nevertheless, I’m going to be generous and concede that Yoshi’s Safari is OKAY. It will especially appeal to you if you’ve ever wondered what Mario would be like with a gun. (Adzuken)

Zombies Ate My Neighbors
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Yep, Zombies Ate My Neighbors really is that good. This is one of those cult classics that absolutely deserves its accolades, and is certainly worth your investment of just 800 Wii Points to download in Virtual Console form. It's not a perfect game, but any negative points are minor, counterbalanced by thoughtful design, and can't compared to its positives -- running and gunning through crazed neighborhoods, with a friend, killing zombies and wolfmen and plant monsters with popsicles is just too unique and novel an experience to pass up. Grab this one soon, and have a happy, zombie-hunting Halloween. (Lucas M. Thomas)

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