The Last of the Gamecube Games I Own Ranked

Check out my first posts about the Nintendo Gamecube games I own and theirs reviews and rankings.  Here are the rest of the games I own:

Super Monkey Ball 2

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This game is great, but it is very similar to the first game for the Gamecube.  It is just as fun to play as the original.

Super Monkey Ball Adventure

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This game is similar to the past 2 games for the Gamecube, but they added an adventure mode.  I do not like the adventure mode, and I think some of the arcade levels are way too difficult to beat. 

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

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This is my all-time favorite Mario Kart.  I love that you can pick two characters. I think Nintendo took the 3D Mario Kart from the Nintendo 64 and made it much better.  I still play this game today.

Animal Crossing

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My sister and I would fight over who gets to play this game.  I spent way to much of my life playing this game, and I still play it today.

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