All Nintendo Virtual Boy Games Ranked

Nintendo's Virtual Boy was know as a failed console. Released in 1995, the console did not sell well.  The Virtual Boy sold only about 800,000 copies, compared to the Super Nintendo, a few years ago,  that sold about 50 million.  The games were bright red and hurt player's eyes if they stared too long.  Player's also had to set the system up with its stand and awkwardly lean over to put your eyes into it.  Here is a list of all of the Nintendo Virtual Boy games released in North America ranked from best to worst. 

15. Nester's Funky Bowling

"In short Nesters Bowling is definitely a worthwhile game for bowlers, and even those not into bowling. Funky Bowling with Nester & Hester is as funky as bowling can get ... I think it's only funky fun for a funky little while, but a funky little while at that." (Ferry Groenendijk)

14. Waterworld

"The biggest flaw in the game is not that its so terrible but it suffers from the lather, rinse, and repeat gameplay. While the “3-D’ looks pretty decent and the “open world’ aspect has it’s moments the game is just downright boring more than I would call bad. Trust me I have played terrible games and this one is not awful. It is one of the games that you could do without if you are lucky enough to own a Virtual Boy. But if you are like me it’s worth having because it’s a pretty rare game and with so few released it’s a nice game to have for that reason and not the game itself. If you are able to score a cheap copy of the game then it’s worth having but with its high price due to the rarity of the game it comes down to adding it to a collection. Honestly there are cheaper games that are better and more fun than this one for the Virtual Boy." (Steven Howearth)

13. Bomberman: Panic Bomber

"Probably not the Bomberman game most players wanted but it’s a good ‘un, and the varied opponents and multiple difficulty levels help to keep your interest in this fun puzzle game that has excellent music and great visuals – even if the impressive backgrounds will largely go unnoticed. Extra modes would have been a benefit and like Mario’s Tennis it’s harmed by that non-existent link cable, but on the whole it's another fine puzzle game for the Virtual Boy." (Dave Frear)

12. Golf

"Other than that the player and ball movements are very realistic in the varying course environments, for example: the golf ball bounces as unpredictable as it would on a real course. In short, T&E Soft is well known for their Papillon Country Club golf simulators, and you can see why, smooth control and easy access menus make for a great game for the golf fans amongst us!" (Ferry Groenendijk)

11. Virtual League Baseball

"It has some good use of 3D but the game is mostly ugly looking. This could be overlooked if it played well, but the trouble you encounter when fielding removes any good feelings you may have had towards the game. It could maybe use some more modes of play but perhaps its best that the misery of playing is kept as short as possible. In short what could have been a fun (though basic) sim is ruined by one element of the gameplay, making Virtual League Baseball one to avoid." (Dave Frear)

10. Galactic Pinball
"A solid pinball game, but nothing to put it over the top or make it truly special, as is the case with a lot of games. Still, if you've got a VirtualBoy, this a game you should pick up if you see it around. If you don't mind a puck in the place of a pinball." (AKMoose)

9. 3D Tetris

"3D Tetris puts a fresh spin on an old classic. There are tons of new modes and features, yet it manages to stay true to the classic Tetris formula. 3D Tetris is a worthy swan song to a highly underrated system." (BHodges)

8. Teleroboxer

"If you’re looking for a unique fighting game then look no further than Teleroboxer. It may be short, but it has comfortable controls, easy to perform moves, excellent graphics, stellar sound, and a good difficulty although newcomers to fighting games may not enjoy this game as much due to the difficulty. You don’t have to own a Virtual Boy to experience this game since you can find an emulator and try it out for yourself." (Megasilverx1)

7. Mario Clash

"At times Mario Clash can be pretty boring and with its flat sprites, lack of a save function and other minor niggles, it's hard to recommend as an essential purchase. However, if you stick with it you'll find it does provide something of a challenge and once you’ve got the got the hang of it start you should try starting from a later level for maximum enjoyment. It's no Super Mario World, but it hardly deserves the title of 'Worse Mario Game Ever' that it has been awarded." (Dave Frear)

6. Vertical Force

"Games like Gradius have stayed in gamers hearts as classics for all these years and I could see Vertical Force being able to rank up there, maybe not as known as Konami’s space shooters, but deserving of some recognition with its new gameplay style of having a life bar, but due to it being on the Virtual Boy, like all games on the console, it faded away into obscurity. It has great controls that are easy to understand with multiple difficulties so any beginner could be able to get into the 2D space shooter genre. The game looks great, but is lacking in the 3D department, which for me, isn’t a huge negative." (Megasilverx1)

5. Mario Tennis

"Overall, Mario’s Tennis is not a “special” or wildly unique experience by any means. But Mario’s Tennis IS, however, a solid, yet shortlived, tennis simulator worthy of a couple playthroughs for any Mario fan. The ease of difficulty paired with the lack of depth are the biggest hindrances to this game’s replayability, or even its length of enjoyment. But the simplicity and charm spearheaded by the lovable characters and recognizable music provide a somewhat timeless experience for Nintendo veterans such as myself. I say that Mario’s Tennis is worth your time, even if just for novelty’s sake." (Nerdberry)

4. Jack Bros

"Unfortunately for anyone wanting a quick blast of Virtual Boy’s Jack Bros, you’ll have to accept the Virtual Boy was released at the wrong time. A time when all gamers were interested in was real polygons and fancy effects. Jack Bros is often regarded as the rarest American Virtual Boy game out of the official 14 titles released. But don’t let that put you off this fine game, Jack Bros is well worth the price tag should you be able to locate a copy." (Cauterize)

3. Red Alarm

"It's a 3D space shooter like Star Fox! The wire frame graphics might be a turn off for some, but you'd be missing out if you skipped over Red Alarm for that reason. Flying around feels great thanks to your ability to turn completely around and even "strafe" in mid-air. As usual, this is another short game and has limited continues, but it also has multiple difficulties to attempt. Each level features a completely different style and a wide variety of enemies, as well as a boss battle at the end of the stage. The graphics even work quite well for the most part, only getting confusing during the few times when you have to make 90 degree turns. Fans of Star Fox should definitely check this one out." (Ryan Gartman)

1. Virtual Boy Wario Land

"Overall, Wario Land is a great game, and I’m glad that it got to evolve as a franchise beyond the Virtual Boy. At the same time, it’s a shame that so few people have ever gotten to play it. It more than holds its own–it’s charming, it’s whacky, it’s addictive, it has the perfect balance of challenge and accessibility, and it’s a game that (if it were on a system where such a feat is actually possible) you can pick up and play any time. And you should play it. I’ve encountered many a Virtual Boy dissenter in my time, and all it takes is fifteen minutes of Wario Land to make even the most stubborn curmudgeon at least admit that it’s not so bad." (Nerdbacon)

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