Everyone's Writing About A Nintendo Switch Competitor That Doesn't Exist

Earlier this week The Verge published an exclusive story with the headline "Gaming startup Wonder is building an Android-powered Nintendo Switch competitor." Bright noisy red flags sprung up in my head, but they were accompanied by a sense of curiosity. So I dug into the article, which centers around an interview with Wonder CEO Andy Kleinman, who discusses his startup's mission to create the mythical "one smartphone to rule them all" -- a powerful piece of gaming and entertainment hardware with a robust ecosystem to match.
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Wonder wants to build a hybrid phone that can be overclocked when placed into a dock, allows for controller attachments and lets the user subscribe to a suite of entertainment and software services. On the gaming front, he wants to deliver optimized mobile gaming titles, exclusive games from existing developers and the ability to play PC games on the device -- the latter being a service Steam will provide for free to all Android and iOS users later this month... Read more here

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