Nintendo Boss Dances Around The Waluigi Smash Bros Issue

It's a scandal that continues to rock Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but rest assured, Nintendo knows that fans want Waluigi in the game. Boasting the biggest roster of heroes and villains that the game has ever presented, Nintendo promised that everyone was coming to Ultimate - well, everyone except Waluigi.

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A doppelgänger of fan-favorite Luigi, the purple evildoer was created for 2000's Mario Tennis and has gone on to appear in the likes of Mario Party 3, Mario Kart: Double Dash, and is a major part of this year's Mario Tennis Aces. Despite his many roles in the Mariofranchise, Waluigi is one of the few Nintendo staples who will apparently be sitting out Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when it comes to Nintendo Switch in December... Read more here

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