The Fight Between Switch Hackers And Nintendo Is Ramping Up

People love their Switches. Some people love them so much they want to break them open and make them do things they’re not supposed to. That means Nintendo has to respond. The back-and-forth between Nintendo and hackers reached fever pitch this week.


First, some background: In April, Switch hackers found a way to jailbreak Switch hardware that they said Nintendo would have no way of patching. The bug being exploited was at the hardware level, meaning it could apparently only be fixed as new consoles were manufactured, not through updates to firmware.

At the end of May, a number of Switch hackers found that their accounts had been banned from Nintendo’s online service. That means no more online play, the eShop, orother Switch features. Users believed the bannings might have had something to do with them violating the terms of Nintendo’s content distribution network to download Switch updates to PC for reverse-engineering and research purposes. It recalled a ban wave that hit 3DS hackers last year around the same time for similar activities. This shows that Nintendo, which has yet to publicly comment on Switch hacking, was still paying attention in certain cases... Read more here

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