The Race To Stop The Best Mario Kart 64 Player From Securing Every World Record

For five years now, Matthias Rustemeyer has been on a quest to nab the world record for each individual track in Mario Kart 64. With only one record left for him to break, other Mario Kart 64 speedrunners have risen up to try to stop him.


The track in question is D.K.’s Jungle Parkway. It’s notoriously difficult; a mess of weird angles and tall grass. It’s also the last track on Rustemeyer’s list, as of today. Having historically struggled with the track’s grassy areas and coconut barrages, the German speedrunner has been steadily improving, and overnight logged his best time yet: 2'12"14. Last week, that would have been good enough for him to tie the world record, but over the weekend rival speedrunner Daniel Burbank pushed the record out of Rustemeyer’s reach with a time of 2’12”11. It’s a minor setback for Rustemeyer, only three one-hundredths of a second. But Burbank is no slouch himself, currently ranked second overall on the Mario Kart 64 world record rankings page... Read more here

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