The New Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit is the Best One Yet

When Nintendo first released Labo — a line of DIY cardboard accessories for the Switch — it did a lot of things right. The kits balanced a fine line between being fun toys and useful learning tools. You could build your own cardboard piano, get a lesson on how it actually functions, and then make music with kitten sounds. Despite coming from Nintendo, however, the first batch of Labo kits weren’t exactly great games; they were simple toys without much lasting appeal. If you weren’t into learning rudimentary coding or endlessly fishing a virtual sea, there wasn’t much to keep you coming back. Even with two young kids in the house, my Labo kits sat in a closet all summer, rarely used.


With the new vehicle kit, which launches on Friday, the company may have finally solved that problem. The new collection retains all of the best aspects of the original Labo kits, but it combines them with an excellent game that’s bursting with Nintendo charm. Read more here...

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