Top 10 Best 2-Player Co-Op Nintendo NES Games

If you own a Nintendo NES and want to play with your friends or are just here for the nostalgia, here at the top ten best 2-player co-op Nintendo NES games.

10. Life Force

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Life Force is a sensational scrolling shooter design from the age of the NES, one of the best the genre ever saw released on that system. It takes the basic foundations of Gradius -- itself already a great game -- and adds on extra layers of depth with the fresh inclusion of a two-player co-op mode and levels that scroll both horizontally and vertically. It's a ton of fun to play, especially with a friend, and it's a fantastic value to own in VC form for just five bucks. Highly recommended, everyone. Don't miss out on Life Force. (ign)

9. Gauntlet

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The NES version of Gauntlet's 100 levels, two-player simultaneous gameplay, and some welcome additions to the formula, by way of increasing character statistics, make it my preferred version of the classic quarter-muncher. It may not look very pretty, and it's nigh impossible, but it sure is fun to try. (p1start)

8. Battletoads

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Battletoads was one of the last mainstream titles for the NES. It was a great concept which was marred by its insane difficulty, where it has been long regarded as one of the hardest games ever released. Not impossible, but the game is a sure test of patience and determination. If you can beat this without some sort of cheat code or game enhancer, then you are part of a very select few of people, even pro gamers, that can claim they have bested Battletoads. (gamefaqs)

7. Ms. Pac Man

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Playing it now, Ms. Pac-Man is a slightly flawed port of an arcade gem. I was impressed with the presentation and had a lot of fun trying to beat my high score. This may not be a very impressive cartridge, but it gets the job done. If you have to choose between Pac-Man games, Ms. Pac-Man is always the right answer. (defunctgames)

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game

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If you are a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (and honestly, who isn't a fan?) then I highly recommend adding TMNT 2 to your NES collection. The gameplay may be a bit shallow, but it still manages to be an extremely fun gaming experience, especially if played with a friend. If you're a fan of the arcade game, then you'll most likely be pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of this port despite the limitations of the NES hardware. What it boils down to is this game is definitely one worth owning, so get down to your local used game dealer and pick up a copy. (thunderboltgames)

5. Contra

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This game was as fun as I remembered it. Often when I return to a game from my childhood, the pace is painfully slow, but that didn’t really happen here (though dying and retrying sometimes got old). Playing with a friend and strategizing together when you’re stuck will help ward off monotony, too. The game is hard but rewarding, short but sweet, and the gameplay is still fun over 25 years later. Plus you get to input the Konami Code on an NES controller again. And at the end you can consider yourself a hero! But then, you were always a hero to me. (oldschoolgamevault)

4. Tengen Tetris

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Tengen Tetris is the version of Tetris that should've prevailed, but unfortunately it was a little late to the party. Despite the fact that this game is actually illegal you can still find a copy quite easily at a price that's laughable, at best, for a game this rare. If you're into puzzle games you shouldn't miss out on this one. (gamefaqs)

3. River City Ransom

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Although a basic, linear game, it nevertheless succeeds at being enjoyable to play; yet, it's bested by several of its sequels and even some other games, so it just falls short of full marks. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be checked out, as it has plenty of fun to offer. (nintendolife)

2. Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers

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The bottom line is that Rescue Rangers is a quick, easy and fun game for inexperienced or young players. The play control is excellent. It's worth a try if you're looking for a sidescroller that you haven't played yet. But just be aware that the whole game can be completed in less than an hour, and most experienced gamers probably will. (flyingomlette)

1. Bubble Bobble

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Fans of the long-running puzzle series Bust-a-Move will no doubt recognize the characters of Bub and Bob; this is the game that first introduced the pair, years ago. And though some of the follow-ups to this original Bubble Bobble were less than stellar, and though some of the most recent of those follow-upshave been extremely less than stellar, there's no denying the lasting value and simple play-ability of this first ever adventure for the two little dinos. If you've got a boyfriend or girlfriend, invest the 500 Wii Points for a download of Bubble Bobble and ask him or her to play it along you; the two of you will have a blast. And if you don't have any significant other, well, download it even faster. You'll want to have it on hand and ready when the opportunity arises for you to pass that second Wiimote to your potential Player 2. (ign)

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