Top 8 Super Nintendo RPGs You Must Play

Some of the most popular and well-known RPG games were released for the Super Nintendo.  With the updated graphic, developers were able to add longer and more complex story lines.  Here is a list of the best RPGs for the Super Nintendo.

8. Secret of Evermore

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Secret of Evermore ends up being quite a refreshing take on the Secret of Mana gameplay formula and serves up one of the more unique and interesting Squaresoft RPG story lines of the 16-bit generation. The high level of difficulty at times might turn some gamers off, but if you've got the mettle to stick it out, you'll find that the quest is one well worth experiencing. There will always be RPG fans who resent the fact that gaming audiences outside of Japan received this game instead of the true sequel to Secret of Mana, but those who can get past that will find a very enjoyable action RPG experience that should challenge even the most seasoned fans of the genre. It goes without saying that if you enjoyed Secret of Mana, you'll likely find a lot to like with Secret of Evermore as its very similar in style and presentation, not to mention fun factor. (Corbie Dillard)

7. Illusion of Gaia

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This RPG has quite a unique narrative style, and occasionally feels as if it was scripted by an aspiring fantasy novelist. T'll encounter many RPG clichés in your travels, the storybook presentation keeps everything fresh (there's a great repeated animation in which moving around the world map is represented by characters walking over a beautiful drawn paper scroll). The game is also notable for its use of real life cultures for inspiration you'll visit the Incan Ruins, Nazca Lines, Angkor Wat, the Great Wall of China, and the Egyptian pyramids. Setting out from the idyllic coastal town of South Cape, protagonist Will will eventually solve the mystery of his father's disappearance at the fabled Tower of Babel. (whatculture)

6. Earthbound

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It became a cult classic not because of its humor, but for some of its darker qualities as well, which you have to play to believe. Though it will make you laugh, there are moments that will make you think it’s royally screwed up. It’s a game that is both in-tune with RPGs of the time and breaks traditional conventions, which is ultimately why it’s still loved to this day. (justin-moriarty)

5. Breath of Fire II

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Breath of Fire 2 is a very promising game, if you play just the introduction, where no fighting is involved. However, once you get into the main combat of the game, Breath of Fire 2 quickly loses its appeal. Stick to the better old skool role playing games, such as Earthbound, Breath of Fire 1, and the Lufia games. (sgreenwell)

4. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

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Super Mario RPG’s isolation from the rest of the Mario series has only helped it endure as one of the most beloved entries in the franchise’s peerless history (it’s even helped inspire games such as Undertale). Here’s hoping that, someday, we might see Super Mario RPG’s legacy continue in some form. For now, however, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars can at least still claim to be among Mario’s greatest adventures, and one of the best RPGs of all time. A legend indeed. (wizarddojo)

3. Secret of Mana

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Secret of Mana for the SNES is a really enjoyable game that, whilst using typical RPG tropes, manages to still create its own original world, storyline and characters. It will keep you invested throughout the length of the game, as is developed to be easy to get into, no matter whether you’re an RPG veteran or new to the genre. That’s probably the reason why it was recently remade for the PS4! (16-bitdad)

2. Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

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Despite being handled by the original development team at Neverland, Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals will not satisfy long standing fans. Add some poor design choices, and what you have is passable, but ultimately disappointing RPG on a platform that has many stronger offerings. That being said, younger gamers who have never heard of Lufia might just find enjoyment in the plot and characters of this reboot. The lack of depth in combat will turn off more experienced gamers, but it’s functional. Those looking for a triumphant revival of the classic franchise need not apply. Sometimes…dead is better. Track down the original cartridges if you must scratch that Lufia itch, but if you want to keep that warm feeling of love for the series, steer clear. (elder-geek)

1. Chrono Trigger

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What makes Chrono Trigger still hold up to this very day is that it has multiple endings based on what point in the game you are in. If you choose to face the final boss by using either a time gate or time machine, how you get to him can affect the outcome of the ending. After beating the game, you are offered the option of New Game+, meaning you can start a new game based on the levels, equipment, and spells your party members had at the end of your previous game. If you choose to face the final boss from the beginning of the game from New Game+, you are treated to a unique ending where you get to meet the staff. Even after 20 years, the game offers replay value, which is why it is number one. (justin-moriarty)

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