How to Get the Gutsy Bat for Ness in Earthbound

The Gutsy Bat can only be obtained after traveling to the past with the Phase Distorter. Once you travel to the past there is no returning to the present. So get everything you need before entering the Phase Distorter. Including already fixed broken items(mainly broken antenna), multi-bottle rockets, horns of life, brain food lunches, and maybe a peanut cheese bar (joking).

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It is recommended to be at least level 80 to make the battles easier because those Nuclear Reactor Robots explode when destroyed. Let's assume at this point you are in the past. You will notice the Phase Distorter will act as a inn and a phone to the present with Ness' father.

There are three main enemies you need to watch out for. The Ghost of Starman, Final Starman, and the Nuclear Reactor Robot. Stay offensive in all these battles and recovery after battles. Now find the Bionic Kraken. It is located about half way in between the Phase Distorter and Giygas.

You will be battling these Krakens for hours unless you are very lucky. From personal experience it took me 5 hours the first time and 3 the second time I got the Gutsy Bat. That is because there is a 1/128 chance of receiving the Gutsy Bat. Save all your psychic power for recovery moves since magic butterflies still only recover 20.


Here are the Gutsy Bats stats.

The Gutsy BatOffense +110 Guts +127Miss Rate 1/16

Compared toThe Legendary BatOffense +80Guts +0Miss Rate 1/16

The Casey BatOffense +125(strongest bat)Guts +0Miss Rate 3/4

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