Super Mario Bros 3 White Mushroom House and Treasure Ship Secrets

Practically everyone remembers the time old classic of Super Mario Brothers 3 but a better question is do you remember or know the very rare "White Mushroom House" secret. It's a secret Mushroom House in each world that appears when you collect all the coins in one particular level in each world. You receive goodies such as the P-Wing, Air Anchor, Clouds.. etc etc.


For those of you who still do not understand here is an example. In World 1 (Grassland) Level 4 you have to collect all the coins even in boxes as the stage scrolls to the right automatically (so there is no backtracking unless you lose a life). If you do this correctly a White Mushroom House appears one space to the left of the Level 3 icon. The Toad inside this house gives you a P-Wing for your troubles.

As the Worlds progress the coin challenges become harder with the addition of Pow Blocks (switching blocks to coins vice-versa). Here are the following levels in each World that offer these White Mushroom House coin challenges.

World 1 - Level 4 collect 44 coins
World 2 - Level 2 collect 30 coins
World 3 - Level 8 collect 41 coins
World 4 - Level 2 collect 22 coins
World 5 - Level 5 collect 28 coins
World 6 - Level 7 collect 78 coins
World 7 - Level 2 collect 41 coins

Follow this and you will have access to the exclusive White Mushroom Houses as well as the powerful items inside.

Another rare sight in the game of Super Mario Brothers 3 is the Treasure Ship. Out of the dozens of times I beat Super Mario Brothers 3 I have only seen this exclusively rare Treasure Ship 2-3 times. According to the Super Mario Brothers 3 players guide there is one specific way to see this Treasure Ship.

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The guidelines are as follows.

1.) End the stage with an even number on the clock.
2.) Coins must be a Multiple of 11.
3.) The 10's digit of your score must be the multiple of 11 that corresponds to your coins.
4.) Finally it must be in World 1, 3, 5, and 6.

The treasure ship also can work in conjunction with the Air Anchor to make the coins easier to get. In my personal opinion the Air Anchor is more suited for the Air Ship in World 7 or in World 8.

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