Luigi's Mansion Nintendo Gamecube Review

An amazing, popular and globally-played adventure plus action game was released first in Japan in the year 2001 which was followed by the release in North America and Europe in 2001 and 2002 respectively. It was published by Nintendo and soon gained much popularity within a few time of release.

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If you’re into amazing and exciting type of game, Luigi’s Mansion is the game for you. It is adventure-filled released by Nintendo for its Nintendo Gamecube. Moreover, this is actually the first ever Mario game to be delivered for Nintendo Gamecube. In this game, Luigi is the protagonist in place of Mario. This is just one of the games which will surely captivate the hearts of many players out there. Players will absolutely find themselves so keen once again with this unique and exciting game experience.

Luigi’s’ Mansion is set in a spooky mansion when he won in a competition which he actually did not join in. Afterwards, he talked to his brother and requested him to meet him so they can celebrate his triumph together. Luigi is looking for his brother named Mario who arrived to the ghostly mansion earlier than expected. Mario was missing. For Luigi to possibly find his missing brother, Elvin Gadd the old professor armed Luigi with a vacuum cleaner known as "Poltergust 3000" in order for him to bust the ghosts and equipped him with a device known as the "Game Boy Horror" which is useful to possibly get in touch with Professor Gadd. This device is also used as a map as well as to easily determine ghosts.

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In addition, it is not surprising that Luigi’s Mansion has been chosen as one of the favorite games of most players these days. This game is undoubtedly well-received by countless players around the globe despite its short length. As matter of fact, it was able to sold more than 2.5 million copies and it is hailed as the fifth chart-topping Nintendo Game Cube in USA.

Luigi’s Mansion also obtained the player’s choice title and its sequel known as Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was released and once again captivated the interests of many players worldwide. Moreover, short-game based on the sequel was disclosed to be included in the Wii U launch title; Nintendo Land, in the role of Luigi's Ghost Mansion.

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Meanwhile, Luigi’s Mansion 2 is certainly loaded with exciting and wide variety of game experience for everyone. Just like the first one, it is certified interesting and worth playing for. More and more players get addicted to games which give them the chance to beat ghosts in a supernatural mansion setting. This game is even made more exciting and thrilling because there are three mansions for a player to encounter and more ghosts to destroy.

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