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Super Mario Kart is the foremost video game in the series of Mario Kart. It was released in the year 1992 for the ‘Super Nintendo Entertainment System’. In this game, players have to race go-karts being one of 8 characters in the Super Mario series. It traits the most advanced graphics for time, all thanks to the use of ‘Mode 7 texture mapping’ being made. Super Mario Kart ranks third in the list of all the best-selling games on SNES, with over eight million copies sold.

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Super Mario Kart could either be used by 1 or 2 players at a time. All of its game play makes use of a mandatory split screen view. While playing in the one player mode, the upper part of the screen shows the course, conversely in the bottom part of the screen you can either opt for the display of a rear-view mirror’s perception, or the overhead perspective of the entire track, showing the exact current position of all the other racers. On the other hand, in the multiplayer mode, the lower screen displays the view of the second player.

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There are 2 distinct one-player modes. In the Grand Prix mode, one player has to race seven other computer-controlled racers. The available engine classes are of 150cc, 100cc and 50cc. The larger class engines end up in much speeding vehicles and a higher level of complexity of the game. There are 4 different cups to choose from: the Special Cups (these are for the 150cc and 100cc only), Mushroom, Star, and Flower. Each of these cups consists of 5 tracks and the racing player must at least receive the fourth place to get to the following track.

There are also 3 multiplayer modes. The Grand Prix mode plays exactly like the one played in the one player mode, but with a single computer-controlled driver lesser than usual. To get to the following track either one of the players has to rank among the best four. The match Race is one of the typical one-on-one races on any of the tracks and in the Battle Mode, 2 of the players select from the four levels that are particularly designed for a battle mode trying their best to pop three balloons that are surrounding the opposite player with specific items like banana peels or Koopa shells to win. In both the Match Race and Grand Prix modes the racers are free to collect the coins which influence acceleration and top speed. In all the modes, ‘Lakitu’ saves the drivers who go out of the track.

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Characters and Reception
The 8 drivers available are classified into four distinct types on the basis of their steering, top speed, acceleration and strength. With its grand release in North America, the Super Maria Kart video game sold very well, eventually becoming a ‘Player's Choice Million Seller’ title. In the year 2001, Game - Informer ranked the Super Mario Kart game as 35th in the list of its "Top 100 Games of All Times." Super Mario Kart was also placed 15th on ‘IGN's Top 100 Games’.

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