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Ben 10 Alien Force is a motion venture game and it is based on the well known animated cartoon series. Before playing Ben 10 Alien Force Games, the below five main personalities of the Alien Force series should be recognized.

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- Benjamin Tennyson referred to as "Ben": is the lead character of the game, he is a youngster who has the recalibrated Omnitrix which gives him access to a new group of alien heroes.

- Gwendolyn Tennyson generally known as "Gwen": is the lead's first cousin with a short temperament. She has an alien heritage and has the ability to control pure pink energy to blasts and shields.

- Julie Yamamoto: is the love interest of Ben and later becomes his girlfriend. She first appeared at Ben's soccer game and congratulated him.
-Maxwell "Max" Tennyson: a semi-retired Plumber's member. He's got great impact on Ben's mission against aliens.

- Kevin Ethan Levin: was an arch rival. He has the power of absorbing attributes of solid metals he puts his hands on.

Those who've been following the television series will certainly get involved in playing these games free of charge on the internet. This game is very famous among kids and includes Ben 10 Action Packs, Ben 10 Game Creator, Hero Hoops, Vilgax Crash, Forever Defense, Upgrade Space Battle, Swarm Smash, Project Exonaut and many more. These games will certainly be enjoyed by kids as these adventure series are thrilling and thrilling involving new voyages in the world of extra terrestrial creatures.

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Ben 10 Game Creator is the most popular amongst young children. It offers a vast number of exciting Ben 10 games every day. The most exciting thing is that you can create various games that can be played for free by any other enthusiasts around the word. The game creations can even be rated and commented. The favorites of this game are: Brainstorm, SpiderMonkey, Humungousaur, Swampfire, Echo Echo, Goop and Jet Ray.

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The Ben 10 Omnitrix game enables you to transform into great Ben 10 aliens of your own preference and beat villains like Aggregor and Vilgax. The Vilgax Crash game is about attack of the earth with the Null Void projector. While Hero Hoops game is a fun and addicting basket challenge. Swampfire allows you to blast fireballs while fighting with Forever Knights. Ben 10 Action pack, a new card game strategy series is surely taking kids by storm.

Ben 10 Alien Force Games and Ben 10 Games are appropriate for its young and old followers as it comes with games of every kind.

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