The Quickest Way to Beat Super Mario World

First start a new game of Super Mario World. Then from the start go to the right to Yoshi Island #2. The Yoshi Island stages should be a cake walk. Then proceed to Yoshi Island #3. Then Yoshi Island #4. Then beat the first castle (Iggy's). That takes care of the easy part.

Here is when things get a little more complicated. Proceed north from the castle to Donut Plains #1. Make sure you get a cape from one of the Caped Koopas in the beginning. Now Go right before the end of this stage and fly up to reveal a key and secret door.

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This will take you to Donut Secrets #1 (underwater stage). Go through the stage until you reach a POW box. Do not hit it yet. Pick it up and carry it until you see a key. Then hit it and proceed to Donut Secret House.

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Go normally through Donut Secret House #1 until you reach a room with a circular formation of ghost. Go past them to a platform. Hit the Pow box you find and fly above the platform to reveal a secret door/boss fight. The Big Boo can be defeated by throwing the blocks up at him. Congratulations you reached Star World.

Go through the key exits in Star World #1, #2, #3, and #4. They are all easy to find except the one in Star World #4. This requires the baby red Yoshi at the beginning of the stage. Feed him until he turns into an adult Yoshi then find a blue koopa and eat him without swallowing him. Fly up to find a secret area/key exit.

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After Star World #4 take the star exit under it on the map. This will take you to the front door of Bowser's Castle. Complete this last stage and congratulate yourself on beating the game in record time/in 12 stages.

To reiterate the 12 stages are 1.) Yoshi's Island 22.) Yoshi's Island 33.) Yoshi's Island 44.) Iggy's Castle5.) Donut Plain 16.) Donut Secret 17.) Donut Secret House 18.) Star World 19.) Star World 210.) Star World 311.) Star World 412.) Bowser's Castle (front door)

This is the fastest way of beating Super Mario World (snes).

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