The Top 8 Super Smash Bros Melee Characters

Super Smash Bro Melee was released in 2001 for the Nintendo Gamecube. Many people have opinions on their favorite player. Here is the top 8 best super Super Smash Bros Melee characters.

8. Jiggly Puff
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"Jigglypuff is actually one of the best characters (the top 5) but only if you have patience and are actually good at the game. Don't use her B moves unless you know what you're doing. (Never use Rollout. NEVER EVER EVER) Her side B is a recovery move and only use sing while falling. (It hits people that are on the edge of platforms) Use rest when you have hit them in the air or evade into them (For rest to work, at least half of your body has to be inside them)"
7. Sheik
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"Shiek for me is just too good. Her abilities are through the roof, she is just so fast. She is a one and done character."
6. Kirby
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"Kirby might not be top-tier, but he is actually very good. Suiciding with your opponent in your mouth is such a troll move, not to mention Kirby's speed and recovery."
5. Roy
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"Roy is definitely my boy! I can't tell you how much I love this character. Makes Melee a favorite of mine and definitely always keeps me coming back for more. Had epic moments and sour moments, but overall, Roy will always remain my boy. Smash 4 Roy is also very good and fun too."
4. Captain Falcon
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"Talk about a character who's power is ridiculously awesome! Falcon Punch always finishes the job."
3. Falco
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"There is actually a big difference between falco and fox. They are both really good at combos (obviously) but they do them differently. Falco is good if you can only do small combo's that end the battle decisively. But Fox is better if you're a pro and can put multiple different combo's to make a string of tactics that will decimate your opponent. Fox's speed makes sure that you don't hit him at all while he destroys you with his epic combo's. But I think that falco is better because he can kill people much faster than fox and is still very fast."
2. Fox
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"The reason fox is better than falco is because fox is quicker and can do so much more damage in such little time. Fox can jump further and is faster. Why have stronger attacks if fox can just burst damage you with his blaster then wipe the floor with your face with his ultimate combo's."
1. Marth
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"Marth should be number one for sure. He can beat anyone 1v1 and he is untouchable with his sword. If he hits you into the air you might as well give up because he belongs in the air. (Notice how Marth hits people further in the air than Roy? )Marth and Roy are no were near the same. You choose which one depending on your fighting style. If you are an airborne player, always jumping into the and can fly with practically any character, Marth is your best bet. He is a deadly fighter with his Up A. He will keep juggling you until you finally go off the screen. He has very good recovery as well so it is very hard to counter Marth." 

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