Cheapest Places to Buy Vintage and Newer Pokemon Cards and Packs

If you have just started to collect Pokemon cards or have been collecting for years, you probably know the cards can be pricey.  You can open countless packs to get the cards you need, but each pack costs about $4 for 10 cards. Most vintage packs online are usually weighed meaning the seller has kept the packs that are heavy because those packs usually contain holos.

Local Stores
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The best place to buy single Pokmeon cards to complete your collection is your local card shops. You can search on google for "Trading Card Shops Near Me." There are a few shops near me that sell individual commons and uncommons for 10 for $1 and individual holos and rares for 3 for $1. Some of the older or more expensive cards may be fifty cents to a few dollars. At least you do not have to pay for shipping and you get the card immediately.

Troll and Toad

Troll and Toad claims to not weigh their packs. The vintage booster packs are fairly priced and they usually have a large selection. The individual cards they have are also fairly cheap, and they usually run promos where indvidual card ship for free.

CCG Castle


CCG Castle is almost the same as Troll and Toad. They have very similar prices and about the same selection. I am not sure if they weigh their vintage packs.

TCG Player


TCG Player is a website that vendors can list their pokemon cards and sealed products. Most packs are probably weighed. The prices for individual cards are probably the lowest you will find online. The cards are ranked by the condition. If you are searching for only near mint cards, you can filter by that.


eBay is a great place to buy bulk lots of cards, but I do not recommend buying individual cards or vintage booster packs from there. The individual cards are usually shipped in a standard envelope with no padding or sleeves on the cards. The vintage pages are usually weighed.  You can get bulk card lots and bulk newer booster packs cheap.

Always do your research before you buy Pokemon individual cards or booster packs.

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