What Are The Best Pokemon TCG Sets According to Fans?

Pokemon Unified Minds TCG set is set to release August 2, 2019. This card set is said to have some of the best cards in all of Pokemon TCG. Some of the older packs also have great artwork. Here are some fan favorites.

XY Furious Fists

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"I love Furious Fists. It was when I first got back into the TCG. Plus, my favorite Pokemon, Hawlucha, got an EX and a playable holo! Not to mention I love the battle-themed art!" -SuperTrainerSamYT

Ex Delta Species

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"It would either go between EX Delta Species because I loved Holon and everything surrounding it and it made probably one of my favorite decks ever (Dragonite DS and Metagross DS) , and because it had Groudon and Kyogre star (and if you couldn't tell by my profile pic they're two of my six favorite pokemon). Or I would go with EX Dragon Frontiers because of Latios/Latias ex and Rayquaza ex which are three of the others along with Metagross which really had some great cards especially in EX Delta Species," - SuperDan51


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"For me it has to be good old fossil. The days when you were an absolute boss just because you luckily pulled a holo Aerodactyl. Also the Fossil Slowpoke has to be one of the best artworks ever created. (I even went as far as to buy a 600 euro booster box from this set for nostalgia sake)" - TheRealBro

Platinum Rising Rivals
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"I love all the diamond and pearl sets although if I had to choose one set that was my favorite I'd pick rising rivals because it had jirachi, flygon, luxray GL and so much more" - BraviaryBoi

Neo Genesis 

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My favorite set is Neo Genesis. I love generation 2. It is my favorite gen of all times. I have almost every card of it in 1st edition The GS games were awesome. It features my favorite Pokemon Ampharos. - Chrswrites

EX Team Rocket Returns

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EX: Team Rocket Returns because of timing (I was quite active at League back then, but also somewhat experienced), because I'm still fond of Team Rocket, and because I enjoyed the dual Type cards (even if not used to represent actual Dual Types). - Otaku

What is your favorite set from Pokemon TCG?

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